Storedot unveil a battery breakthrough: Eliminating cold weather anxieties for EV drivers 

  • This StoreDot battery tech tackles winter range anxiety, providing a breakthrough for EV owners.
  • Recent tests showcase cells maintaining an impressive 80% capacity even at freezing -10°C.
  • StoreDot positions itself as a leader in EV technology, ensuring dependable performance and efficient charging in subzero conditions.

Storedot silicon-dominant battery technology shatters cold-weather charging anxiety

StoreDot, renowned for its silicon-dominant extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology, has emerged with a breakthrough addressing a common concern among EV owners—winter range anxiety.

Recent laboratory tests conducted by StoreDot showcase the performance of its silicon battery cells even in subzero temperatures. These cells demonstrated an impressive 80% capacity when charged at -10°C with standard speed. This effectively eliminates concerns about charging limitations during cold weather.

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The real-world implications of this achievement are substantial. EV drivers are often apprehensive about the impact of freezing conditions on battery performance. Now, they can anticipate a more reliable and efficient charging experience. What’s more, such concerns actively halt further adoption. This development marks a noteworthy stride in the quest for dependable EV technology in adverse weather conditions.

StoreDot’s XFC cells, which have undergone rigorous testing, exhibit not only commendable charging capabilities but also consistent discharge performance. At 14°F (-10°C), the cells deliver over 85% of their full range capacity, and even at an extreme -4°F (-20°C), they maintain a respectable 70% of their range. This surpasses the performance of conventional EV batteries, particularly in cold climates.

Dr Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot, celebrated the achievement:

“Our latest tests have demonstrated that our batteries can outperform traditional cold weather range and charging limitations that often hamper electric vehicles in colder climates. Although all lithium-ion batteries tend to lose capacity in extreme cold, our innovative design that uses silicon-dominant anodes minimizes this loss. Our batteries deliver optimal driving range even in most extreme, subzero conditions. With our revolutionary technology drivers can now conquer winter’s toughest challenges, ensuring a smooth driving experience in any climate or conditions and eliminating winter range anxiety.”

As we look ahead, StoreDot has outlined its 2024 milestones. These include the unveiling of the world’s first EV pack equipped with XFC technology, the shipment of prismatic B-samples to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and an expansion of operations in the US—clear signals of the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of EV technology.

The prospect of dependable charging and consistent performance in subzero conditions heralds a new era for EV technology. It eliminates a common cause of fear, uncertainty and doubt in new EV adopters. Developments like these are systematically overcoming obstacles for the EV transition. Confidence is key, and the confidence to go electric comes with smart tech solutions.

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