StoreDot and Flex|N|Gate take on North America with extreme fast charging innovation

  • StoreDot’s 100in5 extreme fast charging tech offers 100 miles in 5 minutes, eliminating range anxiety.
  • The collaboration aims to tackle EV charging barriers in North America.
  • Benefits include enhanced local manufacturing and mass EV adoption.

This extreme fast charging collaboration could change the EV landscape across North America

In a development set to streamline the North American EV landscape, StoreDot, a pioneer in extreme fast charging battery technology, has forged a partnership with Flex|N|Gate. This partnership aims to address critical challenges faced by EV drivers in the United States. Those have been identified as range anxiety and extended charging durations.

Under this collaboration, StoreDot gains a crucial foothold in North American manufacturing through Flex|N|Gate’s advanced lithium-ion cell pilot factory in Windsor, Ontario. This facility is slated to produce StoreDot’s 100in5 XFC samples. That technology is capable of providing an impressive 100 miles of range with just 5 minutes of charging. 

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For North American drivers, this translates to a monumental advancement, eliminating the inconvenience of prolonged charging times and addressing range concerns.

This development is pivotal in promoting mass EV adoption across the continent.

Moreover, this strategic partnership allows StoreDot to cater to the specific needs of local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). StoreDot are delivering robust, proven extreme fast charging cells in formats tailored to unique requirements. That ensures seamless integration of their technology into diverse EV models. This customization enhances the EV driving experience, making it more accessible and convenient for consumers throughout North America.

Flex|N|Gate’s expertise in mass-scale automotive component production further strengthens StoreDot’s position in the region. By leveraging Flex|N|Gate’s manufacturing proficiency, StoreDot can rapidly scale up production, ensuring a smooth transition from testing phases to mass production. 

This collaborative effort underscores StoreDot’s commitment to overcoming barriers hindering the widespread adoption of EVs. Ultimately, this partnership promises a future where EV drivers in North America can enjoy rapid charging and extended range. This marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the EV industry. As we see more and more EV interest than ever in the US, and charging networks uniting under the NACS banner, partnerships just like this one have the power to push all of North America into the future.

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