StoreDot achieves breakthrough in fast-charging tech, chasing 3-minute EV charging by 2028

  • StoreDot exceeds ‘100in4’ fast-charging goal early in prototype tests.
  • Silicon cells achieve 10% energy density boost, showcasing scalability.
  • Targeting 3-minute EV charging by 2028, emphasizing comprehensive tech integration.

StoreDot unveil a fast-charging breakthrough, surpassing ‘100in4’ milestone ahead of schedule

StoreDot, a trailblazer in extreme fast-charging (XFC) battery technology, has exceeded its ‘100in4’ milestone ahead of schedule during early prototype tests. This achievement underscores the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle (EV) charging capabilities.

StoreDot’s prototype cells use silicon-based ‘100in4’ technology. This exhibited a notable 10% boost in energy density compared to its predecessor, the ‘100in5’ generation. This strategic focus on energy density aims to extend mileage from a single charge without compromising the rapid charging speed.

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Implemented with low applied pressure and minimal volumetric expansion, the ‘100in4’ cells demonstrated an impressive 1100 XFC cycles. Moreover, the projected energy density of 340Wh/kg in an EV form factor showcases the scalability and maturity of StoreDot’s technological advancements.

StoreDot is scaling up from a 3Ah to a 140Ah cell, targeting production by 2026. This shift underscores the company’s dedication to seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into mainstream electric vehicles.

What distinguishes StoreDot is its comprehensive approach to design and engineering upgrades across the entire battery system.
StoreDot actively optimizes chemistry, cell, pack engineering, cooling design, and internal connections. The focus is on enhancing charging speed and overall real-world performance.

Dr. Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot’s CEO, stated:

“By taking a balanced, system-level approach, we are unlocking the full potential of our XFC battery technology to maximize real-world performance. Rather than prioritizing charging speed, our plan focuses on technological enhancements across the board – energy density, cell and pack design, chemistry, and cooling optimization. The result is an extremely fast charging experience that can be easily deployed on today’s infrastructure.

While this is an early prototype and there are still challenges to overcome, we can draw from our experience of seamlessly scaling up from a 3Ah to a >100Ah EV grade cell within months. We believe our roadmap provides a sustainable, practical, and proven path to delivering extreme fast charging that will accelerate mass EV adoption. We remain ahead of schedule for our planned milestones as we continue our path to commercialization.”

StoreDot remains on track for the production-ready XFC cells. The company aims to deliver 100 miles of range in just 5 minutes this year, 4 minutes in 2026, and an impressive 3 minutes by 2028. These advancements mark significant progress toward revolutionising EV charging, aligning with StoreDot’s ambitious and proven roadmap.

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