#StopBurningStuff: FairCharge and Fully Charged Show’s campaign against EV misinformation

  • FairCharge and Fully Charged SHOW launch #StopBurningStuff campaign against EV misinformation.
  • A dedicated team will provide fact-based information, responding to recent policy decisions.
  • Strong support from scientists, industry experts, and advocates for combating misinformation.

FairCharge and Fully Charged SHOW have launched the #StopBurningStuff campaign

Together, they will combat the rampant misinformation surrounding electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy adoption.

This campaign is a response to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s recent announcement that the 2030 targets for phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles and the Zero Emissions Vehicles Mandate will remain unchanged. These are two policies that FairCharge staunchly supports.

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The campaign is funded through Patreon and crowd contributions. Its central goal is to establish a dedicated team. This team will focus on setting the record straight with verifiable facts and honesty. Misleading narratives have fueled culture wars and prevented fact-based conversations about EVs and renewables. 

Quentin Willson, Founder FairCharge

“There’s too much misinformation and irresponsible, ill-informed, mischief being disseminated by some of the mainstream media, and vocal right-wing backbench MPs determined to sabotage the move towards renewable energy. 

This unchecked tirade of inaccurate negativity has the potential to damage the future of the UK car industry as they increase production of electric cars and invest in new vehicle and battery factories. Global capital won’t invest in the UK with such inaccurate ideological conflict raging in the media.”

The #StopBurningStuff campaign aims to confront fear, uncertainty, and doubt with concrete facts. It intends to compile a compendium of reliable data, figures, and infographics. This resource will be accessible to media outlets and others. They can turn to it when confronted with anti-sustainability narratives.

Robert Llewellyn, Founder of the Fully Charged SHOW

“The issue with the perceived culture war on electric cars is that the UK does not exist in a bubble. All around us, developed countries are seeing electric vehicle sales grow and grow, and if the UK falls behind, then this lessens the chance we have of being beneficiaries of the investment and jobs that the transition to battery electric will bring.” 

This campaign has garnered support from across the worlds of industry and science. They want to dispel misinformation and uphold vital climate policies. They assert that the media should prioritize fact-checking and due diligence to combat the growing volume of misleading information surrounding EVs.

Dr David Bott, Principal Fellow, WMG, University of Warwick: 

“Climate change is happening. Huge emissions of carbon dioxide are primarily responsible. Transport contributes a significant proportion of those emissions. Electric vehicles are a viable alternative that contribute significantly less carbon dioxide emissions than petrol and diesel vehicles. Delaying the change will make the impact of climate change worse, and it is our children who will suffer.”

Ben Nelmes, CEO, New Automotive: 

“The #StopBurningStuff campaign from FairCharge & Fully Charged SHOW couldn’t come soon enough. There’s a lot of nonsense talked and written about electric cars – often from people with a vested interest in keeping motorists trapped in polluting, expensive and outdated petrol and diesel cars. Consumers deserve to know the facts and have access to the data.

If you’re able to, and would like to support the campaign, consider donating to the Patreon here.

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