Stellantis brands launch major new e-LCV Grant to incentivise electric van adoption

  • Stellantis LCV brands offer £2,500 e-LCV grant for electric vans, combined with up to £5,000 government grant, leading to potential total savings of £7,500.
  • Grant includes free home wallbox installation and £400 credit on Octopus Electroverse card for 2,500 miles of free public charging.
  • Offer applies to various eligible models, promoting affordable and eco-friendly electric van ownership.

Stellantis LCV brands – Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroën, and Fiat Professional – launch an e-LCV grant to make electric Light Commercial Vehicles more accessible than ever.

The e-LCV Grant offers a £2,500 incentive on small and medium electric vans. This complements the existing government grant for electric vans, which can go up to £5,000. That means prospective buyers could now accumulate up to £7,500 of total savings on a brand-new electric van.

The e-LCV Grant isn’t just a financial incentive. Customers will also benefit from a complimentary home wallbox installation and a £400 credit on an Octopus Electroverse card. This credit provides access to up to 2,500 miles of free public charging from an extensive network of over 500,000 chargers across the UK and Europe. This marks another major addition to the Electroverse as Octopus pushes for market prominence.

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Stellantis LCV brands have emerged as leaders in the electric van market. The group accounts for an impressive 54.3% of all electric vans sold in the UK this year. The eligible models for this grant cover a broad spectrum, ranging from the Vauxhall Combo Electric and PEUGEOT e-Partner to the Citroën ë-Berlingo and Fiat Professional E-Doblò, among others. Additionally, Stellantis ensures flexibility by making this offer applicable to various purchase and lease options.

This opportunity applies to stock vehicles until the end of the year. Stellantis is pushing electric van ownership with financial incentives, convenient charging solutions, and a diverse range of eligible models. This approach ensures that everyone can embrace electric vehicles for their environmental benefits while also being economically viable choices.

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