SSE Energy Solutions and M7 Real Estate Partner to Build Ultra-Rapid EV Charging Hubs

SSE Energy Solutions teams up with M7 Real Estate to construct ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs 

With an average of 12.5 km of range per minute of charging and capabilities of up to 150 kilowatts, SSE and M7 Real Estate’s new hubs will offer fast and reliable charging facilities at six initial sites. Those include Gapton Hall Retail Park in Great Yarmouth and Euro Retail Park in Ipswich.

The UK is preparing for an estimated 10 million EVs on its roads by 2030. So, the need for a smarter and more efficient public charging system is paramount. 

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Kevin Welstead, EV sector director at SSE Energy Solutions, said: “With EV sales growing exponentially they are going to take up a significant proportion of our country’s total electricity demand over the coming years and we need to respond.

Drivers must have easy access to reliable and fast charging facilities. Citing charging hubs in retail locations so drivers can charge while doing the weekly shop is an ideal solution. Hence our desire to partner with companies like M7.”

Consumer research by Which? has found that almost three-quarters of EV owners are dissatisfied with the current charging infrastructure. The government’s ‘Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Action Plan’ seeks to address these concerns by unlocking the potential of smart charging to help tackle climate change.

SSE Energy Solutions is already making strides towards a more sustainable future. They’re committed to the roll-out of 300 ultra-rapid EV charging bays, powered by traceable, renewable energy by 2027. This partnership with M7 is part of a strategy to provide access to reliable fast charging facilities for all EV drivers. 

The announcement covers phase 1 of a joint project between the new partners. The pairing signifies two of the most important sectors in national decarbonisation, energy and housing. They meet in the field of EV charging infrastructure to enact real-world change towards a greener future.

Josh Tyler, Asset Manager at M7, commented:

“Partnering with SSE was an easy decision due to our shared commitment to sustainability and their proven track record in providing energy infrastructure. We look forward to working towards our shared goal of delivering sustainable energy solutions to customers across the country as demand for EV charging grows”

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