Sportier Alfa Romeo Junior ‘VELOCE’ joins Alfa’s EV lineup with 284bhp

  • With Stellantis brand Alfa Romeo’s first electric vehicle, the Junior, currently hitting the market, Alfa Romeo has confirmed the performance details of the hottest specification of this new model: The Junior VELOCE.
  • The performance oriented model will pack 284bhp, up from the standard car’s 154bhp – which should be enough to take it from 0-62mph in 5.9 seconds.
  • The Junior Veloce isn’t simply a more powerful electric motor, with Alfa calling this specific model a ‘compact sports car’, alongside extra development taking place on the track.

Looking for a sporty EV under £50k? The Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce might do the trick

The VELOCE joins the Elettrica and Elettrica Speciale in the Junior lineup. Development of this performance-oriented trim level was undertaken by the same team who worked on previous sporty Alfas such as the 4C and Giulia GTA, which is already a recipe for success. Alongside the more powerful electric motor, other substantial changes, with the aim of making the Junior VELOCE the best handling electric crossover you can buy, include lowered suspension, stiffer roll bars, high-performance tyres, and bigger brakes all round.

All that extra performance does come at a cost – £42,295 ($53,517), compared to the base model’s £33,895, ($42,889). However, considering the performance uplift it offers, it still looks to grant considerable value against other electric sports car offerings. Once a reserve of the most expensive EV models on the market, cheaper, performance-oriented EVs are becoming ever more commonplace. We’ve already had EVs such as the hot ID.3 GTX, while the Alpine A290 is also on its way.

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