SolarBotanic Trees launches solar power solution for charging homes and electric vehicles (EVs)

SolarBotanic Trees has announced the arrival of its new photovoltaic solar-powered ‘tree’. The SolarBotanic Tree, which looks like a giant umbrella, generates enough electricity to provide the necessary energy for a three-room house and an electric vehicle (EV). Overnight off-peak power can also be stored in the battery system. 

Commercial parking is also an ideal application for a group of SolarBotanic Trees to harvest and store solar energy and charge electric vehicles, with a rapid charge option. These can be also used to charge grid connection also allows cheaper off-peak power to be stored.

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The system is integrated and scalable which means it’s possible to create a forest of energy trees and a microgrid to power a neighbourhood. What’s smart about the system is that it’s flexible to climate conditions. This is thanks to the combination of nano-leaves and piezoelectric ribbons that ensure a fruitful harvest of electricity throughout the seasons, come rain or shine.

The ‘trees’ and their components feature a light but robust structure that can stand up to even the most turbulent conditions. It is supplied as a kit for easy installation by  SolarBotanic’s certified service partners.

The SolarBotanic Tree concept was devised over seven years ago. It has been designed in collaboration with potential customers, architects and suppliers to ensure an aesthetically attractive, functional and affordable alternative to conventional solar panels.

The key technology elements of the tree, specifically the photovoltaic cells, have been lab tested. The next step is to build a field prototype to validate the modelling and lab tests. This will be done at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in Sheffield for completion in the first quarter of 2023.

The fully integrated SolarBotanic Tree version v02 with Energy Management System (EMS), battery storage and rapid EV-charging system will be available commercially in late 2023. The SolarBotanic™ Tree version v03 will be available in 2025 utilising advanced combined wind and solar power generation modules.

We think this is a great sustainable solution to powering both homes and electric vehicle charging, especially with the grid connection that allows cheaper off-peak power to be stored. When used in a group or ‘forest’ this becomes a powerful and sustainable solution. 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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