Siemens hits milestone with first successful Megawatt charge 

  • Siemens achieves milestone with Megawatt Charging System test, delivering 1MW charge.
  • Collaboration with OEM showcases viability of technology for heavy-duty electric vehicles.
  • Rapid charging capabilities of MCS poised to revolutionize long-haul trucking, aligning with sustainability goals.

Siemens successfully tests its Megawatt Charging System, delivering ultra-fast power for electric truck charging

Siemens has achieved a significant breakthrough with the first successful test of its high-powered Megawatt Charging System.

The Siemens SICHARGE Megawatt Charging System draws from their existing SICHARGE portfolio. It features a customised MCS dispenser, setting it apart from conventional charging stations. This tailored approach ensures optimised charging to meet the demands of heavy-duty electric vehicles.

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In a pilot project, Siemens Smart Infrastructure collaborated with a notable OEM. Together, they completed the first successful 1MW charge. This test, featuring a prototype MCS charging station and a long-haul eTruck, proved the technology’s viability in real-world applications.

The MCS, when paired with the current Combined Charging System (CCS), is ushering in a new era of heavy-duty electrification. Offering rapid charging capabilities, it can swiftly replenish batteries. It brings them from 20% to 80% capacity in approximately 30 minutes.

Markus Mildner, CEO eMobility at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, commented:

“Especially in long-distance transport, electric trucks and coaches will need fast MCS during the legally prescribed driving time break. To ensure nationwide distribution of this, various requirements must be met including on the governmental side. However, the successful test brings us a big step forward on the technology side and underlines our ambition to actively make transport more sustainable.”

Looking forward, the electrification of long-distance trucking promises to reshape the business landscape for transport companies. This opportunity has not been missed. Kempower has recently unveiled its Megawatt system, with a peak power output of 1.2 MW. Meanwhile, ABB E-mobility hit speeds of over 700 KW on its latest tests.

Siemens’ achievement with the Megawatt Charging System underscores a critical step forward in the electric truck arena. The technology is moving fast, with multiple contenders on the scene. When electric truck charging becomes streamlined and convenient, we will see these electric workhorses take to the roads in their thousands. 

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