Siemens completes acquisition of Heliox, expanding its stake in the electric truck and bus sectors

  • Siemens acquires Heliox, boosting its emobility portfolio for electric truck and bus services.
  • The move accelerates Siemens’ value creation and adds digitalization capabilities.
  • Heliox expands Siemens’ market reach and strengthens its response to growing demand for fast charging solutions.

Siemens squires Heliox to diversify its emobility portfolio and expand the reach of electric truck and bus infastructure

Siemens has successfully acquired Heliox, a leading provider of DC fast charging solutions for electric buses (eBus) and trucks (eTruck). This strategic move significantly strengthens Siemens emobility’s position in the rapidly growing eBus and eTruck charging market, while also enhancing its offerings for depot and fleet solutions.

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The acquisition accelerates value creation within Siemens’ emobility business, opening doors to attractive digitalization and software potential. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Heliox, with its workforce of around 330 people, brings a wealth of expertise to Siemens. The goal is to diversify Siemens’ existing emobility charging portfolio, covering a range from 40 kilowatts (kW) to megawatt charging solutions for depots and en-route charging.

Heliox’s portfolio not only complements Siemens’ offerings but also expands its market reach, particularly in Europe and North America. Beyond the physical charging solutions, Heliox’s mobile, scalable, and parallel charging offerings strengthen Siemens’ ability to cater to diverse market needs.

In addition to hardware, Heliox offers charger monitoring and energy management services. This not only broadens Siemens emobility’s Internet of Things product portfolio but also enhances its digitalization and software capabilities, aligning with industry trends.

Matthias Rebellius, CEO of Smart Infrastructure and member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG commented: 

“We are witnessing unparalleled growth in the EV charging infrastructure market. DC fast charging solutions for eBus and eTruck fleets are considered the fastest growing segment here. With the acquisition of Heliox, Siemens emobility is well-positioned to serve our customers worldwide.”

The collaboration between Siemens and Heliox creates a robust offering for eBus and eTruck customers. The acquisition is an active step in advancing the electrification of transportation on a global scale.

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