Siemens accelerates emobility innovation with acquisition of Heliox

  • Siemens acquiring Dutch firm Heliox for swift charging solutions
  • Enhances Siemens’ emobility innovation, taps into digitalization potential
  • Approval pending; Heliox’s expertise in eBus and eTruck charging key

Siemens will acquire Heliox, a cutting-edge Dutch company specializing in swift charging solutions. 

This move will bolster Siemens’ emobility sector, catering to the surging demand for electric bus and truck charging. The acquisition stands to turbocharge Siemens’ emobility innovation. They aim to tap into digitalization and software potential, especially in energy and depot management.

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Heliox’s forte lies in eBus and eTruck fast charging – a niche that dovetails perfectly with Siemens’ expansion plans. The deal will enhance Siemens’ grip on the market by focusing on DC fast charging for bus and truck fleets. This portfolio extension translates to an amplified reach in Europe and North America.

Approval from regulatory bodies is the remaining hurdle before this acquisition is finalized. The head of Siemens AG and CEO of Smart Infrastructure, Matthias Rebellius, deems this a pivotal step, not only widening their offerings but also opening avenues for groundbreaking digital solutions. In the Netherlands, Heliox commands a team of around 330 professionals.

“This is an important milestone that adds value to our fast-growing emobility charging business. In addition to expanding our offering, we see digitalization and software potential with regard to energy and depot management and services.” 

Matthias Rebellius, member of the managing board of Siemens AG and CEO of Smart Infrastructure

The acquisition is being carried out by Heliox’s current owners, Waterland, and an employee consortium, both poised to hand over the reins to Siemens’ emobility transition.

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