Shell Recharge electric car charge card or app can now be used to at over 250,000 charge points

Shell Recharge have announced their charge card or app can now be used to charge at over 250,000 charge points. That means you can drive your electric vehicle (EV) from the Northern tip of Finland all the way down to Sicily using the Shell Recharge charge card or app.

Shell are working hard to help electric car drivers with charging and dispel myths around charging and range anxiety. Their approach is designed to encourage people to adopt electric vehicles and help with a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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Recently, Shell announced in the UK they aim to install 50,000 ubitricity on-street electric vehicle (EV) charge posts across the UK by 2025. This is to significantly extend the charging network for UK drivers who have no off-street parking. In this instance, Shell are working with and helping to meet the costs for local authorities.

Shell also announced the plan to install 800 Shell Recharge electric vehicle charging points in up to 100 Waitrose locations across the UK by 2025.  Plus, Shell also launched its first European electric vehicle (EV) mobility hub in Paris back in the spring. This was part of its launch of Shell Recharge in France. The new electric car charging hub features eight rapid chargers and is located at Paris City Hall car park.

Shell’s Recharge users now have 250,000 charge points available to them which will certainly help with the electric vehicle experience. Shell will also be partnering with other operators of charging networks and plan to keep expanding their public charging network to make life more convenient for electric car drivers.

Shell’s aims make charging as easy and accessible as possible, not just in the UK but also when travelling abroad. To support this, they just added 3,800 charge points from BeCharge in Italy and 3,700 in Portugal from the Mobi.E network. They have also started partnerships with Spirii in Denmark and Wenea in Spain. Shell’s recharge app is designed to find the closest charge point to drivers’ current location to make life easy.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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