ScottishPower has installed 3,000 heat pumps across the UK

  • ScottishPower installed 3,000 heat pumps across the UK, improving energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions.
  • Most installations were funded by government schemes, making heat pumps accessible to low-income and vulnerable households.
  • The company doubled its installation capacity and launched a trial to support homes with health-related heating needs.

ScottishPower celebrates a huge milestone as it installs 3,000 heat pumps across the UK

Over the past 18 months, ScottishPower has focused on decarbonising the nation’s least efficient homes. This effort is crucial, given that residential homes contribute 16% of the UK’s carbon emissions.

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The company is helping to transition away from fossil fuel heating by installing heat pumps. Currently, ScottishPower installs an average of 50 heat pumps per week.

Andrew Ward, CEO of ScottishPower’s Customer Business, commented:

“I’m thrilled to see us reach the 3,000 milestone of newly installed heat pumps across England, Wales and Scotland, making more and more homes warmer and healthier, particularly for those who are more vulnerable.”

The majority of these installations were funded under the Government’s ECO4 scheme, which supports low-income and vulnerable households. Additional government grants, such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and the Home Energy Scotland Grant, have significantly reduced the upfront costs. These grants have made the 3,000 milestone achievable, although more must be done to facilitate nationwide adoption.

In a related effort, ScottishPower recently launched the ‘Warm Home Prescription’ trial. This initiative aims to identify low-income households with health conditions exacerbated by cold or damp environments. These homes will receive improved energy efficiency measures, including new insulation and air source heat pumps.

Ward continued:

“Installing heat pumps alongside energy efficiency and insulation measures, helps not only to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions but can have a real positive impact on people’s energy bills and well-being too.

We are working hard to reach as many customers as possible, targeting those who need it most, and ensuring they can benefit from the well-established benefits of heat pump technology.

Electrification is unstoppable and there are really attractive Government support packages in place. If anything, we need to quicken the pace.”

Heat pumps are crucial to our decarbonisation prospects. So much so that ScottishPower has doubled its installation capacity by partnering with a second provider, Plug Me In. Government figures show a 93% increase in heat pump applications in April 2024 compared to the previous year, driven by enhanced government grants. 

If you’re interested in the world of heat pumps, or if you or your company work in sustainable home technology, visit the Heat Pump Summit website today. You can attend next year’s summit to learn more about this cutting-edge tech from industry leaders. Alternatively, you can join the event as a partner to help propel heat pump adoption nationwide. 

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