Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSE) uses the all-electric Renault Zoe Van to power change in its fleet

Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSE), one of the UK’s leading utility providers, has named the Renault Zoe Van as the ideal vehicle to help with the electrification of its commercial vehicle fleet. The company needs a light commercial vehicle (LCV) that offers a solid performance when it comes to range but doesn’t need a high payload.

The Zoe Van, which is based on the Zoe car and is smaller than most LCVs, offers up to 245 miles (394km) from a single charge. It therefore offers a good range and is the ideal size when there’s no need to carry bulky or heavy items. As a consequence, SSE has introduced a quartet of Zoe Van’s into its commercial vehicle fleet.

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SSE is set to take delivery of a further eight Zoe Vans, with more in the pipeline. This will help contribute to the company’s commitment to having ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2050 at the latest.

SSE’s new Zoe Van’s will be used by its supervisors and team leaders to visit the company’s operational sites and developments throughout Scotland. The 245-mile (394km) range performance will enable SSE’s personnel to visit more remote areas, particularly in the north west of the country, where the charging infrastructure can be limited.

At the same time, the dedicated load area allows operatives to easily and cleanly transport the specialised tools, wet weather clothing and PPE they require for their roles.

As well as enabling SSE to continue its drive to have 3,500 of its 4,000 commercial vehicles fully electrified by 2030, the Zoe Van will help the company to lower its environmental impact in terms of both emissions and noise. SSE estimates that over a five-year period each Zoe Van will provide a saving of 23.5 tonnes of CO2.

Neil Chamberlain, National EV Manager at SSE, said: “As an EV100 company that is committed to switching its fleet to electric, and with our focus on renewable energy and making a significant contribution to building low-carbon electricity systems fit for the future, introducing the Zoe Van to our operations fits perfectly with our strategy and ethos.

“The range of electric LCVs has always been a bit of an issue in the past for the roles, so the Zoe Van now gives us the option to make the transition. With the Zoe Van we’re further lowering our environmental impact at no detriment to our operational costs or effectiveness.”

Vincent Tourette, Renault UK managing director, said: “SSE is a significant driver of innovation in the energy sector, so it’s very pleasing to see such a forward-thinking company recognise that the Renault Zoe Van fits with both their operational requirements and green energy strategy.

“We’re delighted that its combination of practicality, range and refinement has now presented SSE with another avenue through which to grow the electrification of its commercial fleet.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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