Scania launches Erinion to propel electric truck charging across six countries

  • Scania’s new company, Erinion, will install 40,000 charging points, boosting emobility and supporting electric truck adoption.
  • Erinion provides cost-effective, predictable energy solutions, enhancing battery life and efficiency with off-peak electricity rates.
  • Erinion’s rollout starts in six European countries, offering integrated solutions and flexible pricing for electric truck growth.

Scania moves into the electric truck charging world with Erinion, aiming to save up to €15,000 per truck annually

Scania is accelerating the transition to electric trucking with the launch of Erinion, a new company specialising in private and semi-public charging solutions. This bold move will see the installation of 40,000 new charging points at customer locations, significantly enhancing Scania Group’s already growing emobility portfolio.

Erinion is focussing on depot and destination charging, key components for electric truck adoption. Depot charging is expected to become the primary energy source for both short and long-distance operations. These charging solutions ensure increased uptime and maximum operational efficiency.

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One major advantage of Erinion’s approach is cost predictability. 

The company provides stable energy costs tailored to each customer’s operations, optimising charging power levels and schedules. This strategy improves battery life and vehicle efficiency while taking advantage of lower electricity rates during off-peak hours. Additionally, destination charging can fill the gaps while drivers rest or deliver goods.

Jonas Hernlund, Head of Energy and Infrastructure at Scania Group, shared excitement:

“With our solution, customers get peace of mind and can focus on their core business, while a specialised charging unit takes care of the hardware, software, financing and operational services required to operate charging at scale with superior quality and cost efficiency.”

Scania’s research, supported by pilot programs with customers, reveals significant cost savings with these advanced charging solutions. Customers can expect investment reductions of up to 50% and operational savings of up to €15,000 per truck annually.

Beyond charging infrastructure, Erinion offers integrated software and hardware solutions, along with comprehensive operational services and support. Customers can opt for a standard reseller model with cash payments, or a hybrid-flexible pricing model. The latter combines down payments, financial leases, and rolling fees for service and maintenance.

Erinion will kick off in Sweden, Norway, the UK, the Netherlands, France, and Germany, with an impending global rollout. The company’s brand-agnostic approach ensures that businesses of all types can benefit from its services.  Erinion aims to be at the heart of electric truck growth by 2030, when 230,000 electric trucks are projected to be on European roads,

Gustaf Sundell, Executive Vice President and Head of Ventures and New Business, Scania Group, added:

“In the transition, the transport system will be redefined. Our new depot charging solutions company is a great example of an initiative that will play an important role for our customers in the future transport ecosystem when transitioning to electric transports.”

The launch of Erinion marks a significant milestone in Scania’s sustainability journey. What’s more, truck specialised charging companies like Milence have found success with both European and US foot-holds. Let’s see if Scania’s Erinion will follow suit, and leap in at the ground floor of this integral technology. With megawatt charging becoming the buzzword on everyone’s lips, it’s a very exciting time to launch your truck charging prospect.

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