Salmon’s Leap: Osprey Charging’s premier south-west UK EV charging hub

  • Osprey Charging expands its network with a new EV charging hub in Devon.
  • The hub features 16 ultra-rapid charge points near the A38 Devon Expressway.
  • The project marks an important step in decentralising the UK’s EV charging infrastructure.

Osprey Charging opens its largest EV charging hub at Salmon’s Leap, Buckfastleigh, Devon. 

The 1.6-acre site marks Osprey‘s first land acquisition for EV charging. The hub features extra-long bays for towing vehicles and wide bays for disabled access, with 16 high-power charge points compatible with all rapid-charging vehicles. Each point can charge at 300kW, adding 100 miles of range in 15-25 minutes. They’re even opening a farm shop and coffee shop on-site. 

The development comes off the back of Osprey’s skyrocketing successes, having installed as many chargers in Q1 2023 as in all of 2022. Osprey plans to maximise this growth by deploying EV hubs and charge points nationwide

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As the UK expands its EV infrastructure, it’s important to ensure that people in remote and rural locations can access the network. Osprey’s latest endeavour is an important step in the wider decentralisation of the UK’s infrastructure. Salmon’s Leap is ideally situated to become the region’s premier EV hub, right in the heart of a popular holiday destination. 

“I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve created at Salmon’s Leap. We purchased the land so have been able to precisely design the space and install hardware that maximises availability and ease of use of chargers for all types of vehicles and drivers. Our largest site yet, it is a significant milestone for the Osprey team as we work tirelessly to ensure that our nationwide infrastructure deployment of rapid EV charging stations continues at an unprecedented pace.”

Ian Johnston, CEO, Osprey Charging

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