Saietta & HCLTech unveil advanced technology for Asian lightweight EVs

  • Saietta and HCLTech join forces for advanced Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) for Asian lightweight EVs.
  • The VCU serves as LEV’s central nervous system, ensuring smooth system coordination and optimal performance.
  • Collaboration aims to transform LEV technology across Asia.

Smart VCU could shape the future of lightweight EVs

Oxfordshire-based Saietta has collaborated with global tech and engineering firm, HCLTech. Together, they have developed an advanced Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) tailored for lightweight electric vehicles (LEVs) in Asia. 

This cutting-edge VCU functions as the vehicle’s central nervous system. That means it can orchestrate seamless coordination among essential systems, thereby ensuring optimal efficiency. 

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Distinguishing this VCU is its inherent adaptability, rendering it an ideal fit for LEVs with three or four wheels. The modularity of new EV technology is responsible for success after success within the sector.

Designers have created the VCU as a dynamic controller to address the evolving demands of LEVs in Asia. LEVs necessitate intricate management of energy flow, battery health, and charging optimization. Saietta anticipates a paradigm shift in LEV technology and regulations, prompting a growing reliance on VCUs to optimize performance. 

When will the VCU hit the road?

The manufacturing hub for this sophisticated VCU will be in India, a strategic partnership facilitated by Padmini VNA. Production will commence in the final quarter of 2023.

“As with all elements of our leading-edge eDrive solutions, the VCU is designed to be cost-effective for Asia and is highly modular. This allows our engineers to tailor the functionality precisely to a customer’s requirements and thereby deliver a competitive edge.

“Saietta seeks to work with the very best partners who have a proven track record of delivering insightful innovation at the required scale, on time, on cost and on quality and we view HCLTech clearly as such an industry leader. We are honoured to work alongside them and look forward to evolving this relationship and together helping clean up the air in mega-cities globally.”

Tony Gott, Executive Chairman and Interim Chief Executive Officer, Saietta Group plc.

Saietta’s collaboration with HCLTech is poised to reshape LEV technology across Asia. With a state-of-the-art VCU at its core, this partnership sets the stage for cleaner, more efficient urban mobility and underscores the potential for innovative alliances to drive industry transformation.

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