Rivian to open its EV charging network up to other brands

  • Drivers of all electric vehicles in North America will soon be able to access the Rivian Adventure EV charging Network –  currently in place in the USA with Canada coming soon – with a plan to open up its 400-plus chargers to the rest of the EV world, as was revealed in the company’s latest shareholder letter.
  • By opening up its network, Rivian will have the dual benefit of income from charging fees, and also meet the requirements of open access chargers to be able to apply for US government grants to create more fast chargers in the country.
  • The end goal for Rivian is to be able to provide seamless EV charging for its customers.

More EV charging points available for all

In a similar move to Tesla who began opening up its Supercharger stations to non-Tesla EV drivers last year, Rivian’s EV charging network is set to become open access to other EV brands in the second half of this year. Current Rivian Adventure Network DC fast chargers offer charging speeds of around 200kW, though this is set to increase to over 300kW in the future.

Rivian’s charging network right now only consists of around 400 chargers across 67 locations, but Rivian are looking to increase that to at least 3,500 chargers across North America. Rivian is also expecting to be granted access to over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers in the US, thanks to the company’s recent adoption of NACS. You can view the current state of Rivian’s network here.

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Rivian said on the development:

We have expanded our Rivian Adventure Network and now have over 400 fast chargers across 67 locations. During the fourth quarter of 2023, these chargers had an average uptime of 97%, providing customers with a fast, reliable, and seamless charge when away from home. We develop, design, and manufacture our chargers in-house and believe they offer a scalable solution to enable EV adoption.

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