Rivian joins the Tesla Supercharger network, massively expanding its charging availability

  • Rivian enables Tesla Supercharger access via NACS adapters, alleviating range anxiety for EV owners.
  • Rivian integrates Superchargers into its navigation, offers free adapters initially, and expands its own charging network.
  • Rivian’s initiative enhances EV industry, integrates NACS, and expands charging infrastructure, benefiting all electric vehicle drivers.

Rivian becomes the latest manufacturer to join NACS and give its drivers access to the Tesla Supercharger network

Rivian is revolutionizing its range by granting its owners access to the coveted Tesla Supercharger network. Starting this April, Rivian owners will receive NACS DC adapters, allowing them to utilize over 15,000 Tesla Superchargers across North America. This strategic move aims to address range anxiety, a common concern among EV drivers, by providing more fast, reliable, and readily available charging options.

The decision underscores the growing significance of fast-charging infrastructure in driving mass EV adoption.

Compatible Superchargers will be visible in Rivian’s navigation system, providing crucial information on charger speeds and availability. Plus, a “plug and charge” feature with automatic billing adds convenience to the charging process.

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To ensure accessibility, Rivian will initially provide free adapters to its owners, with plans to integrate NACS hardware into new vehicles from 2025 onwards. Additionally, Rivian is building its own fast charging network, the Rivian Adventure Network, currently comprising over 424 live chargers across 70 sites in 22 states. This network is set to expand later this year, welcoming all EV drivers and targeting key locations such as mature EV markets, charging deserts, and popular destinations near national parks.

Rivian’s initiative not only enhances its own offerings but also advances the EV industry as a whole. It joins the ever-expanding list of manufacturers active in the US that are adopting NACS, bringing total accessibility one step closer.

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