Rightcharge streamlines home charging solutions for fleet drivers

  • Rightcharge streamlines fleet home charging payments for savings and ease of use.
  • Fleet admins make a single monthly payment (£9.99 per driver) for home charging.
  • Future plans include a public charge card, fraud protection, and incentives for low-rate EV tariffs.

Fleet charging just got easier, as Rightcharge make home charging possible for businesses

Rightcharge has introduced technology aimed at simplifying home charging payments for fleets. The new solution, designed for both savings and ease of use, marks a noteworthy development in the evolving landscape of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure.

Rightcharge’s latest innovation enables fleets to cover the costs of home charging for employees through direct payments to their energy accounts. This approach, irrespective of the home energy supplier, seeks to eliminate the complexities often associated with fleet electrification.

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A key aspect of the technology is the digital linking of drivers’ home energy accounts, ensuring automatic detection of changes in tariff rates. This feature is particularly noteworthy for its ability to operate seamlessly, even without a smart meter, reducing the administrative burden on both drivers and employers.

Rightcharge’s integration with home chargers and connected vehicles addresses the need for accurate calculations of electricity consumption. This development contributes to greater transparency and efficiency in monitoring charging costs within fleet management.

Fleets are now required to make a consolidated monthly payment of £9.99 per driver to Rightcharge, covering all home charging costs. This financial streamlining aims to offer a more straightforward approach to expense management for businesses venturing into EV adoption.

Charlie Cook, CEO of Rightcharge, commented:

“We’re delighted to launch our home charging payments solution, delivering a seamless and automated way for businesses to manage home EV charging costs. No more confusing expenses or reimbursement hassles. And no out-of-pocket costs for drivers. Just simple, unified payments that shortcut the complexities of fleet electrification. This is the future of EV fleet management and with our public charge card and workplace integrations still to come, we’re just getting started. We look forward to supporting businesses and drivers towards a more emission-free future.”

Upcoming public charge card:

Anticipating the future needs of drivers, Rightcharge plans to introduce a public charge card. This card will allow drivers to pay at over 38,000 public chargers across 30 different networks, offering a broader scope of accessibility. Workplace charging integrations are also on the horizon, aligning with the growing demand for expanded EV infrastructure.

Rightcharge’s technical breakthrough facilitates automatic electricity rate readings at any time of the day. This development is a step forward, particularly for those without a smart meter.

As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation, Rightcharge plans to introduce fraud protection and additional EV features. A notable upcoming feature is the split-savings option, aimed at encouraging employees to switch to low-rate EV tariffs. This could resulting in significant annual savings for fleets.

Businesses intrigued by the potential benefits can explore the technology with a 30-day trial of the home charging plan. Further details and sign-up information are available at: www.rightcharge.co.uk/electric-fuel-card/

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