Rightcharge introduces game-changing electric fuel card to streamline fleet management

  • Rightcharge’s new electric fuel card streamlines fleet payments for all charging needs.
  • Cost savings, simplified invoicing, and access to 34,500+ charging points benefit fleet managers and drivers.
  • Established in 2019, Rightcharge is a leading platform for EV services, fostering sustainability in transportation.

Rightcharge has unveiled the UK’s most comprehensive electric fuel card

Rightcharge’s cutting-edge solution aims to simplify the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). It offers a seamless and cost-effective charging experience for fleets and drivers alike.

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Fleet managers can now streamline payments for all public, home, and workplace charging into a single bill. With the Rightcharge Card, drivers gain access to an extensive network comprising 30 different public charging networks and 34,500+ charge points.

Rightcharge’s innovative approach involves making direct payments to an employee’s energy supplier. These payments cover the EV charging portion of their home bill. This groundbreaking approach ensures drivers are never out of pocket. Crucially, it eliminates the ‘bill shock’ often associated with upfront home charging expenses. For drivers who prefer paying upfront and claiming back, Rightcharge provides straightforward and accurate invoices for home and public charging.

Another major feature of Rightcharge’s electric fuel card is its approach to EV tariffs.

The card has the potential to slash costs by over £1,000 per year per driver. By intelligently splitting savings between the fleet and the employee, Rightcharge is able to bridge the gap between the benefits of EV-friendly tariffs and the practicalities of powering a home.

The Rightcharge Card is designed for a holistic charging experience by allowing drivers to use the card at public charging points and workplace chargers. This comprehensive approach provides fleet managers with a consolidated view of every driver’s charging activity.

Fleet managers can create an account on the Rightcharge website. That means they can invite drivers to join and providing them access to a personalized portal. Monthly payments cover all charging expenses, saving time and effort in tracking and reconciling receipts. The potential cost savings of over £1,000 per year per driver means the Rightcharge Card could be a game-changer.

The waiting list for Rightcharge’s electric fuel card is now open, with the official launch scheduled for early 2024. Businesses are encouraged to pre-register promptly, as onboarding will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Rightcharge CEO Charlie Cook said:

“At Rightcharge, our mission is to empower drivers to go electric by making EV charging easier, more affordable and accessible to all. With this new electric fuel card, we are removing the headaches and hassle for both fleet managers and their drivers, simplifying the transition to EVs. By giving drivers access to a huge number of public charge points and enabling direct-to-energy-supplier payments, we are breaking down the barriers to EV adoption. This is an incredibly exciting step on our journey.”

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