Revel announces all-electric, all-employee rideshare service in New York City

Electric mobility company Revel is launching an all-electric, all-employee rideshare service in New York City. The service will launch in late May in Manhattan with a fleet of 50 Revel-blue Teslas available for pickups and drop-offs below 42nd Street.

These 50 electric vehicles (EVs) represent the first phase of the rideshare programme and Revel will expand the fleet size and service area in the next year to meet New Yorkers’ need for zero-emissions rideshare. Revel’s rideshare service will also help the company accelerate the buildout of its fast-charging Superhub network in New York City.

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Frank Reig, Revel CEO, said: “Cities like New York don’t need another company promising electric fleets in 2030, they need companies delivering now. Revel is building a platform to electrify cities and rideshare is a key part of it.”

Unlike the traditional rideshare model, the Revel fleet will be owned and maintained by the company, with drivers brought on as employees rather than independent contractors. Drivers will receive training and will have access to benefits including health care and paid time off.

Revel’s fleet of Tesla Model Ys will have distinct features like extra legroom, with the front passenger seat removed from each car, and the ability for passengers to control the temperature and music through an interactive touchscreen.

All cars will follow the same COVID-19 guidelines, with a partition separating the driver from the passenger(s) and daily cleanings by the Revel team. Even with these upgraded features, pricing for Revel’s service will be competitive with other rideshare companies.

Paul Suhey, Revel COO, said: “Going electric should be an easy decision. The experience will feel like a free upgrade, so choosing Revel should be a no-brainer for New Yorkers.”

In addition to offering New Yorkers a zero-emissions rideshare option, Revel’s service will help the company accelerate the expansion of its EV fast-charging Superhub network in New York City.  Revel announced in February that it will soon open the largest universal fast charging depot in North America, with its first location in Brooklyn.

The chargers for this site will be provided by Tritium, a global leader in DC fast charging, who currently working with the US Army’s Power Transfer Cohort. The chargers will be open to the public on a 24/7 basis and accessible to owners of any electric vehicle brand. This Superhub will go live in June with its first 10 chargers and more locations across New York City are planned for 2021.

Mike Calise, Tritium president of the Americas, said: “People have evolved to a ‘need it now’ society, and we are certainly a convenience-driven culture, demanding technology solutions that expedite and enhance nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

“Revel’s rideshare is a major step in creating a more convenient, sustainable, and people-focused transportation future. Tritium is proud to provide the innovative DC fast charging hardware and technology to get these vehicles back on the road fast.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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