Rethinking EV charging accessibility with Osprey Charging and Motability Operations

  • Osprey Charging and Motability Operations join forces to improve EV charging accessibility.
  • Motability Scheme EV drivers can effortlessly use Osprey’s extensive charging network via an app.
  • Osprey’s dedication to accessibility and user feedback supports their goal of creating an easy-to-use charging network.

Osprey Charging and Motability Operations’ latest pairing could change EV charging accessibility for good

Osprey Charging, a prominent player in the UK’s (EV) charging landscape, is teaming up with Motability Operations, the country’s largest leasing company. Their shared mission? To bring EV charging accessibility to the forefront. They will gain insights into the experiences of disabled drivers, their families, and caregivers. These insights will form the backbone of a fair and equitable EV charging infrastructure. 

“The accessibility of charge points remains one of the biggest barriers to EV adoption for
customers on the Motability Scheme. We’re excited to be working with Osprey to help
support our customers charging needs and ensure the move to electric is as simple and
worry-free as possible. Working with forward-thinking companies like Osprey, we hope to be
able to smooth the transition to EVs for all drivers.”

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Jonathan Jenkins, Head of Innovation, Motability Operations

Osprey Charging is a prominent UK EV charging infrastructure provider, with accessibility and inclusivity at the heart of their operations. Motability Operations is responsible for delivering the Motability Scheme to 690,000 disabled individuals across the UK. As such, the team brings a wealth of expertise and a vast customer base to the table.

So, what exactly does this partnership entail? 

It empowers EV drivers in the Motability Scheme to effortlessly locate, charge, and make payments for their charging sessions. This comes as the perfect crossover between Osprey’s nationwide rapid charging network and the Motability Go Charge App. 

After each charge, these drivers can provide feedback on the accessibility of the location. This feature is designed to enhance confidence in selecting and using public charging infrastructure. Underpinning this exciting collaboration is Osprey’s Iris platform. This integrates seamlessly with Paua’s platform, the driving force behind the Motability Go Charge App. 

Osprey was the pioneer in constructing accessibly-designed public charging hubs. The company subscribes to the independent public EV charging endorsement body, ChargeSafe. Furthermore, they actively support the BSI PAS1899 standards for accessible charging. That includes committing to regular network audits and improvement targets based on these standards.

The reviews generated through the Motability Go Charge App will both benefit fellow drivers and will serve as a catalyst for enhancing Osprey’s charging infrastructure. This aligns perfectly with Osprey’s overarching mission to create a network that is universally easy to use and accessible.

“Motability Operations is not only the largest leasing company in the UK, but one of the most
important in empowering access to public charging and ease of use for all drivers. This is something close to Osprey’s heart, so we’re delighted to be the first CPO partner of Motability Operations. We look forward to seeing the feedback from drivers, which will help
us continue to set the bar for inclusivity and user-friendly charging for all.”

Ian Johnston, CEO, Osprey Charging

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