Renault spearheads €3 billion electrification strategy with the Niagara Concept

  • Renault invests €3 billion in eight new global models, to push electrification aiming for one in three vehicles to be electric or hybrid by 2027.
  • Innovative platforms like Renault Group modular and Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) facilitate diverse, eco-friendly vehicle production.
  • Niagara Concept epitomizes Renault’s electric vision, excelling in full-electric mode, reinforcing Renault’s commitment to sustainable mobility.

Renault unveils its ambitious “International Game Plan 2027,” marking a strategic shift toward electrification 

The company is set to invest a substantial €3 billion in launching eight new models outside Europe. The primary focus will be on the lucrative C and D-segments. Renault aims to ensure that one in three vehicles sold internationally outside Europe will be electric or hybrid by 2027. This aligns its strategies with the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions.

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Renault’s innovative approach to platform development enables this push toward emobility. The introduction of the Renault Group modular platform, spanning regions in Latin America, North Africa, Turkey, and India, stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to electrification. 

Bruno Vanel, VP Renault Brand, Product Performance, explained:

“The proper architecture of this new Renault Group modular platform is extremely flexible and competitive. It will enable us to offer our customers, based all around the world, vehicles offering much value, efficiency and relevant technologies. This is an advantage to differentiate ourselves from competition and to embark on a worldwide offensive with a wide variety of vehicles. These cars will feature the new Renault brand identity and will offer powertrain technologies suited to everyone’s needs while enabling customers to consume less energy, provide superior driving pleasures, comfort and life on board rooted in our brand’s DNA.”

This platform offers a diverse range of options, accommodating varied vehicle lengths, wheelbases, and energy sources. Simultaneously, Renault is partnering with Geely in South Korea for the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform. This is specifically designed for high-end D and E-segment models. These platforms ensure that their vehicles meet the highest standards of energy efficiency while delivering exceptional performance.

Gilles Vidal, VP Renault Design, said:

“Niagara Concept embodies the style of the future international line-up of the Renault brand. Robust and mighty with oversized and exuberant lines, this exploratory concept is also sophisticated and packed with technologies. It is the promise of an unlimited journey.”

Renault’s Niagara Concept embodies this electric future, signaling the direction for the international lineup set to be unveiled by 2027. 

Built on the cutting-edge Renault Group ultra-flexible platform, this concept vehicle integrates E-Tech Hybrid 4WD technology. That means it will offer outstanding driving comfort and remarkable off-road capabilities. Its unique feature includes the ability to handle 50% of daily drives in full-electric mode, significantly reducing carbon emissions. 

As the world transitions toward greener transportation, Renault has declared itself ready to lead the charge. Their forward-thinking approach and modular design work are sure to set them in good stead for the automotive markets of the future.

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