Renault Group unveil Ampere Capital Market Day

  • Renault Group unveils Ampere Capital Market Day on November 15, 2023, highlights Ampere’s strategy and financial prospects.
  • The rise of subscription services mirrors broader shifts in consumer behavior, driven by technology, transforming the automotive industry.
  • Mobilize pioneers personalized mobility solutions, reshaping traditional vehicle ownership models.

Renault Group embarks on a groundbreaking journey on November 15, 2023 

They’re hosting a much-anticipated Capital Market Day focused on Ampere, the dynamic EV and software pure player. Led by Luca de Meo, the CEO of Renault Group, this event promises insights into Ampere’s roadmap and promising financial prospects.

Mark your calendars because this pivotal event will be unveiled at a physical conference in Paris. For those unable to attend in person, Renault Group will stream the entire event live on their official website. There’s no excuse to miss this one.

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Mobilize will represent the Renault Group the upcoming EV SUMMIT

In the swiftly evolving emobility landscape, Mobilize emerges as a trailblazer in innovative solutions. Their approach centres on providing extensive and adaptable services that cater to the unique needs of individuals. 

Traditional avenues of vehicle ownership, purchasing, leasing, or renting, have transformed due to the advent of the subscription model. This shift mirrors the disruptions experienced in sectors such as music, media, and hospitality. This indicates a seismic change in the automotive realm.

The anticipation builds for the Renault Group’s Ampere Capital Market Day on November 15, 2023. This event holds the promise of ushering in a new era for the automotive industry, underlining the limitless potential of innovation. As we head towards the event, it becomes evident that the future of mobility is at a dramatic turning point, embracing a future where innovation truly drives decisions on every level.

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