Renault Group takes high-tech approach to hit net zero at key plants by 2025

  • Renault Group targets net-zero carbon emissions by 2025 at key plants, extending to all operations by 2030.
  • Ecogy portal, with 10,000 sensors, optimizes energy use, resulting in substantial savings and elevating Renault’s global energy performance ranking.
  • Interventions like curtain regulation showcase Ecogy’s impact, driving Renault’s sustainable future.

Renault Group accelerate their path to net zero with the Ecogy portal

Renault Group, a frontrunner in sustainable practices, has set ambitious goals to achieve net zero carbon emissions at its ElectriCity hub and Cléon plant by 2025. This commitment extends to all its industrial operations by 2030. At the heart of this initiative lies the groundbreaking Ecogy portal, an in-house development that revolutionizes energy management in real-time.

Ecogy involves installing 10,000 sensors in workshops and connecting 8,500 processes to the cloud. This means Renault has gained unprecedented insights into its energy consumption patterns. Ecogy swiftly analyzes this data, generating custom dashboards and setting alerts for overconsumption. It empowers the company to pinpoint inefficiencies and optimize energy use effectively.

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Ecogy’s impact is tangible, as it identified opportunities leading to practical measures such as regulating warm-air curtains, fitting speed variators, and swiftly rectifying abnormal settings. These interventions resulted in substantial energy savings, with innovative solutions cutting heat loss by 80% at one facility and reducing consumption by 7% in another.

Looking forward, Renault Group is embracing the power of artificial intelligence to predict energy consumption. Through predictive analysis, the company plans to reduce consumption across its industrial bases by 25% from 2021 to 2025. Notably, these energy efficiency improvements have contributed significantly to reducing pollutant emissions by 25%. They have also catapulted Renault Group to a prominent position among the world’s leading carmakers in energy performance rankings.

As businesses worldwide seek to decarbonise their business practices, Renault Group’s innovative solution could open the door to new possibilities. If this new approach works at Renault’s key plants, it seems certain that we’ll see the Ecogy portal in use worldwide.

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