Introducing Flexis SAS: Renault Group and Volvo Group’s joint electric van venture

  • Renault and Volvo establish Flexis SAS for electric vans, aiming for sustainable urban logistics innovation.
  • Focusing on eco-friendly urban logistics, backed by significant investments from Renault, Volvo, and CMA CGM Group.
  • Investments totalling €420M underscore commitment to electric mobility and sustainable urban logistics.

Renault Group and Volvo Group complete creation of Flexis SAS: A brand-new electric van company

Renault Group and Volvo Group have successfully established Flexis SAS. This pioneering joint venture will revolutionising the next generation of electric vans. 

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The companies signed binding agreements on October 6th, 2023. Now, they have collaborated to obtain the required regulatory approvals to set up Flexis SAS. 

Poised to lead the development of these innovative vans, the new company will be based on an advanced Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) platform and strategically headquartered in France.

The new company aims to address the increasing demand for eco-friendly and efficient urban logistics.

Renault Group and Volvo Group are jointly investing €300 million over the next three years to drive the success of Flexis SAS. This emphasises their commitment to advancing electric mobility and urban logistics. 

Furthermore, CMA CGM Group has confirmed its strategic investment of up to €120 million in Flexis through its PULSE fund, aligning with the industry’s vision for sustainable logistics innovation.

The first van is scheduled for production in 2026. Another significant step forward for electric commercial vehciles and sustainable urban logistics. 

This collaboration underscores the importance of collective efforts in the electric vehicle space. We eagerly anticipate the growth of this new venture, and hope to see more of its kind.

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