Record highs for new EV charger installations in the UK through March and April 2023

New stats from Zapmap show that the accessibility of electric vehicle (EV) charging is booming across the country. 

The average number of new EV charge points installed per month in 2023 has increased by 75% compared to March and April of last year.

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Over 2,000 new EV chargers were installed across the two-month span in 2023, bringing the total number of charging stations in the UK past 42,000. That makes over 6,400 charge point installations so far this year, including 655 ultra-rapid charge points.

Couple walking to Ev at electric vehicle charge point.

This surge in EV charging is a direct reflection of the growing public commitment to sustainable transportation. An average of 1,625 new EV chargers have been installed each month in 2023, marking a historic step towards the practicality of zero-emissions vehicles. 

ChargeUK, a collaboration of 19 pioneering electric mobility companies, launched just last month with a £6 billion investment and plans to double the number of charge points in 12 months. 

Clearly, ChargeUK’s members have been putting their money where their mouth is, and with a collaborative effort from some of the most exciting brands in the country, we’re sure to see these inspiring figures continue to rise throughout the year. 

Melanie Shufflebotham COO and Co-founder at Zapmap said: 

“The charger rollout is gathering pace both with high powered chargers to support en route charging, and also more local charging where it is needed to support charging closer to home. Evidence suggests that this is set to continue across 2023 which is good news for EV drivers and those thinking about going electric.”

ChargeUK and it’s members are showing no signs of slowing down, with the Chair of the group, Ian Johnston, congratulating the members, but calling on the UK Government to help boost the deployment of EV infrastructure.

“These figures show the huge step-up in deployment of EV charging infrastructure that is underway in 2023, which will give further confidence to those considering making the switch to an electric vehicle. The rate of deployment is increasing month-on-month but we can go much faster with the right policies and help from Government to remove the barriers that are currently constraining the roll-out.”

Chair of ChargeUK Ian Johnston

We’re seeing the power of private collaboration in clear figures from Zapmap, so with the support of government legislation, the roll-out can become even faster and more widely accessible. The rapid growth of EV infrastructure across the country is a sure sign of public interest, and if the UK is to hit its net-zero targets, both public and private entities must gather in full support of the movement. 

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