Real Madrid professional football player Eden Hazard sparks a positive charge by driving a Nissan LEAF electric car

Belgium international and Real Madrid C.F. football player and proud Nissan LEAF owner, Eden Hazard, shares his electric experience to inspire more drivers to join him and switch to a zero-emissions electric vehicle (EV).

Hazard, who is a father of four, acknowledges his children were a huge driving factor behind his own decision to join the EV revolution. Choosing to drive a LEAF was fuelled by the ambition to secure a cleaner future for his family.

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Eden Hazard, professional football player, said: “As a father, I have a duty to my kids to lead by example. There are many positive actions we can make, like choosing an electric vehicle, that will only have a positive impact for the planet, and the people.

”The biggest benefit of my LEAF is its 100 percent electric powertrain. It makes me proud to be an EV driver and partner with Nissan to electrify the world together. We all need to make changes today to secure the future of our planet Earth.”

Since experiencing first-hand the positive impact EVs can have on the environment, Hazard wants to share his experience in the hope of encouraging more drivers to switch to electric mobility. Hazard experienced driving a Nissan Leaf for the first time with Formula E racing driver Oliver Rowland for an unforgettable track day last year.

The Belgium football star was impressed with its acceleration and power, which is usually the case for most people driving an electric car for the first time. He witnessing the thrilling limits of an EV firsthand which solidified his own decision to choose an electric vehicle

Hazard added: “There are many things I enjoy about my LEAF. It looks super cool inside and out. The exterior look is sophisticated, the inside feels futuristic and the driving experience is impressive to say the least.”

Hazard shares his electric journey in continuation of Nissan’s My Life with a Nissan LEAF series. This a collaborative collection of user experience stories to raise awareness and enhance motorists’ understanding of electric vehicles.

Hopefully, this will be the start of football players setting a good example for future generations. By trying an electric car they will realise that they’re fun to drive, fast with incredible acceleration and most importantly with zero emissions.

Coralie Musy, regional vice president, brand & customer experience at Nissan AMIEO, said: “With Eden’s help, it is our goal to inspire people to take positive action for the planet. In 2021 we’re continuing to educate drivers on the longer-term impact they can have. Eden is one of over 500,000 LEAF owners who has joined the revolution to #ElectrifyTheWorld and we want that number to continue to rise.

“As we enter a second decade of electrification, we are determined to create a more sustainable future for all. The future of mobility is electric and through a concerted effort, we can encourage drivers to make the switch and accelerate the global effort against climate change.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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