RAW Charging electrifies the National Trust

  • Charlecote Park takes the lead as the first National Trust site to power up with RAW EV charging, unveiling 14 AC charging bays for visitors to power up on the go. 
  • Killerton, Calke Explore & Wimpole Estate also set to join RAW’s EV charging network, setting the stage for a 2024 surge across more National Trust destinations.
  • RAW eyes 300 properties in bold £12 million investment blitz, where destination charging takes centre stage.

Charge on the go: National Trust welcomes EV destination charging at scenic sites, in partnership with RAW Charging

RAW Charging, the leading EV chargepoint operator for hospitality, leisure, and retail, is powering up the first four National Trust locations with electrifying chargers – connecting green driving with green spaces. This encouraging development follows BMW’s recent announcement of its initiative to electrify Dartmoor National Park with five new EV charging points as part of the ‘Recharge in Nature’ collaboration with National Parks UK.

National Trust explorers can now power up on the go, whether they’re conquering trails, wandering through historic houses, or getting lost in lush gardens. RAW is teaming up with National Trust for the next three years to unleash EV charging stations across the National Trust’s network in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. 

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The plan? To inject some high-voltage energy without disrupting the natural charm. They’ve got 21 more sites in the pipeline, set to go live by mid-2024. These initiatives aren’t just about recharging your ride – they’re to break down accessibility barriers and encourage consumers to travel in style, sustainably.

Patrick Begg, Outdoors and Natural Resources Director, National Trust, said:

“We are pleased to be able to offer EV charging for visitors to Charlecote Park. This is the first location in our portfolio to have charging facilities, providing visitors with the opportunity to charge their EV whilst visiting the beautiful historic house and deer park. Installing EV charging points at places in our care which are suitable for this infrastructure will help build the network needed to facilitate the transition away from petrol and diesel. It will offer our visitors a more sustainable option for visiting us, and it will help the National Trust to reduce our overall carbon footprint, something that is very important to us as we target becoming net zero by 2030.”

RAW’s success lies in their commitment to meeting the specific needs of EV drivers – offering chargers that are user-friendly and ideal for locations where visitors spend over two hours, such as at a National Trust site. Simplicity is key for RAW, not only in the usability of their chargers, but also in the installation process. The company ensures a streamlined experience for its clients, minimising disruptions while installing EV charging infrastructure for businesses in the hospitality, leisure, and retail realms.

At National Trust sites, you’ll find mostly AC destination chargers – great for topping up while you explore the estates, houses, and gardens at your own pace. Yet, for those quick visits or convenient breaks on longer journeys, a handful of spots will feature DC rapid charging hubs. This initiative is a significant move, with an investment of £12 million to make sure visitors can charge up hassle-free. 

Jason Simpson, CEO, RAW Charging, said:

“The team at RAW Charging is delighted to have energised at the first four sites in the rollout. We are investing significant capital in the National Trust partnership as we continue to deliver reliable and affordable EV charging for the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors. RAW has become the go-to provider for EV charging due to our reliable hardware, cradle-to-grave support and focus on making the driver journey as seamless as possible.”

The partnership between RAW Charging and the National Trust isn’t just about plugging in – it’s a bold stride towards an electrifying, sustainable future.By introducing EV charging stations at scenic locations, the initiative not only aligns with the National Trust’s environmental goals but also reflects RAW Charging’s commitment to user-friendly infrastructure. With plans for extensive expansion and a significant investment, this connection of green driving with green spaces signifies a dynamic partnership that not only powers up EVs but also champions sustainability amid the scenic beauty of National Trust sites.

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