Prospective luxury EV buyers want wireless EV charging included

  • Research from wireless EV charging solution WiTricity claims that luxury vehicle owners are looking to convenient wireless charging as a key decision in their future car.
  • Luxury car owners, which are typically highly brand loyal, may also switch brands for the tech, according to this research.
  • Despite this, only a small handful of electric cars currently support the technology.

Wireless EV charging

WiTricity is the company behind a wireless electric vehicle charging solution that does away with the need for a conventional charging plug. Its offering can be installed as an aftermarket kit, though the company is also offering the technology as a factory installation for cars. The company has published a white paper which challenges the longstanding belief that premium car owners are closely attached to the brand itself, and will instead forgo brand loyalty for technology such as wireless charging, when purchasing their next or first luxury EV.

The survey interviewed over 600 luxury vehicle owners, focusing on the brands Cadillac, Lexus, Lincoln, and Mercedes-Benz. Around 50% of these respondents currently drive an electric vehicle. 78% of this group said they were very/extremely likely to purchase another car from the same brand. Meanwhile, a significant 83% of these are likely to buy their first or next electric car within the next 18 months.

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Within this group, 97% expressed some level of interest in their next EV having wireless charging capabilities. Owners were asked to agree and disagree with a number of statements regarding the tech. The most agreed (85%) was that it made charging an EV easier, while 82% of participants agreed with the statement that it ‘should become the standard way to charge EVs’.

The effect of new technology on brand loyalty

Meanwhile, 75% also agreed that it would prefer a luxury EV that had the technology over one that didn’t, even if that meant switching to another manufacturer. Additionally, 84% said that wireless charging would make it more likely that they would buy an EV from the brand they were loyal to.

When it came to brand loyalty for the four different brands, there were slight variations. 23% of Cadillac owners were ‘extremely likely’ to consider another brand, compared to 21% for Lincoln, 17% for Lexus, and 16% for Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes themselves have already toyed with the idea in the past.

It’s important to note that these results will not carry through to every novel piece of technology added to a car. Just remember how some manufacturers have had to backtrack on the switch to all-touch screen dashboards, which upset many long-term customers.

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