Powerday brings Volvo FE Electric skiploaders to London

  • Powerday launches pioneering Volvo FE Electric skiploaders in London.
  • The move supports Powerday’s commitment to sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.
  • Supplied by Volvo, these skiploaders prioritize efficiency, safety, and sustainable waste management.

Two Volvo FE Electric skiploaders are coming to London

Powerday, a significant player in recycling and waste management, has introduced two Volvo FE Electric skiploaders into its London fleet. These skiploaders are making waves as the first of their kind in the city. Following a successful trial period, Powerday is incorporating these electric trucks into its operations.

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Edward Crossan, the CEO of Powerday, stated: 

“In line with our net-zero roadmap, adopting these electric skiploaders into our fleet shows our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to cleaner air and environment in London. By investing in electric skiploaders, we lead the charge towards cleaner, greener solutions.”

Supplied by Guili Chemello of Volvo Truck and Bus Centre South & East, the FE Electrics will play a pivotal role in helping Powerday achieve its ambitious sustainability targets. The company anticipates a substantial annual reduction of over 30 tonnes in CO2 emissions. This aligns with environmental goals and contributes to improved air quality in London.

These innovative skiploaders feature a two-speed transmission for a smooth driving experience. This is coupled with a unique traction control system to handle slippery surfaces. Operational efficiency is a priority, with different drive modes available to tailor performance, comfort, and energy usage levels.

Each FE Electric, with a range of approximately 190km, can recharge in just 2.3 hours at Powerday’s Willesden Junction site, courtesy of a 150kW DC charger installed as part of the trial. The trucks, designed with a 4,100mm wheelbase and full air suspension, efficiently navigate the streets of London.

Powerday benefits from a Volvo Gold Contract, covering maintenance, repairs, and proactive monitoring of batteries and associated components. This support ensures seamless integration into Powerday’s busy operation, with an expectation that the trucks will operate five days a week.

Powerday’s adoption of electric skiploaders reflects a noteworthy stride in the waste management sector. The initiative illustrates the benefits of embracing sustainability without compromising operational efficiency.

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