Plug Me In teams up with ScottishPower to support heat pump adoption

  • Plug Me In partners with ScottishPower to accelerate heat pump adoption in the UK.
  • Surge in grant applications and installer numbers underscores growing demand.
  • The collaboration combats climate change and creates green jobs.

Plug Me In and ScottishPower come together to encourage heat pump adoption across the UK

Plug Me In and ScottishPower have joined forces to accelerate the adoption of heat pumps across the UK. This collaboration aims to combat climate change by transitioning away from traditional gas boilers. It’s a significant step forward in delivering sustainable energy solutions to meet the increasing demand for zero-carbon alternatives.

Engineers from Plug Me In are already on the ground, working hand in hand with ScottishPower’s Smart Solutions division to install heat pumps. The timing couldn’t be more crucial. A recent government report shows a 39% surge in grant applications for heat pumps in early 2024. Additionally, the number of heat pump installers has skyrocketed by 166% compared to 2022, indicating a growing workforce ready to meet the rising demand.

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Robert McGaughey, Head of Smart Heat and Cities, ScottishPower said: 

“We’re thrilled to see Plug Me In join our network of nationwide heat pump installers alongside Everwarm. With thousands installed by ScottishPower across England, Wales and Scotland, we know heat pumps are making a difference to customers across the nation, particularly those who rely on government support schemes to create warmer, healthier homes.

As demand rises, driven by certainty for manufacturers and consumers alike, it is encouraging to see the transition to cleaner, electricity-powered technologies create new skilled green jobs at a time when many other sectors face significant challenges to their growth.”

This surge in interest comes on the heels of the government’s decision to boost heat pump grants by 50%. It led to over 2,000 applications in January 2024 alone. ScottishPower’s Smart Solutions division has completed over 2,000 installations in the past 18 months. Many of these benefited from government grants like the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and ECO4, making heat pumps more accessible, particularly for lower-income households.

Despite these positive strides, only 1% of UK homes currently utilise heat pumps. It’s a stark contrast to countries like Norway and Sweden, where adoption rates are significantly higher. However, ScottishPower and Plug Me In will bridge this gap and make heat pumps the norm in UK homes.

Sam Peachman, Commercial Director, Heat at Plug Me In, said: 

“Here at Plug Me In, we understand the importance of training and upskilling the next generation of clean energy installers. This is why every technician goes through our in-house Academy, making sure they are equipped with in-depth clean energy technology expertise. 

As our nation’s homeowners join the movement to cleaner energy, we are delighted to partner with ScottishPower in our shared mission to drive to net zero, supporting homeowners with practical advice and reassurance, as they start their journey to a cleaner energy future.”

Plug Me In is committed to supporting ScottishPower in this journey towards a sustainable future. Together, they are driving a movement towards cleaner, more efficient heating solutions. With the rising demand for heat pumps, their teams are ready to meet the challenge and help homeowners across the UK make the switch to sustainable energy. Moreover, Plug Me In are Headline Partners for Green.TV Media’s upcoming Heat Pump Week. This campaign celebrating heat pumps and pushing for their adoption will run from September 23 – 29 2024. This announcement came from the Heat Pump Summit, where Plug Me In where also partners.

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