Plug Me In appoints Kim Ratcliffe as Managing Director as the charge point operator diversifies its interests

  • Kim Ratcliffe appointed Managing Director, effective June 3rd, 2024, a strategic move for Plug Me In.
  • Plug Me In expands into heat pump technology, offering diverse clean energy solutions.
  • Ratcliffe aims to drive innovation, sustainability, advancing Plug Me In toward net zero emissions.

Kim Ratcliffe is the incoming Managing Director of Plug Me In as the company expands its interests into heat pump technology

Plug Me In, a prominent player in the UK’s smart energy infrastructure sector, has made significant organisational changes. Effective June 3rd, 2024, Kim Ratcliffe will step into the Managing Director position. This signals a strategic move for the company as it navigates its expansion and innovation efforts.

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Known for its specialisation in electric vehicle (EV) charge point installations, Plug Me In has expanded its scope. It now includes heat pump technology, offering a diverse range of clean energy solutions tailored for both residential and commercial applications. This evolution has positioned the company as a key player in the transition towards sustainable energy practices.

Plug Me In prides itself in developing innovative service models. These models include charging-as-a-service and heat-as-a-service. They aim to simplify energy adoption for consumers while advancing the company’s mission. The mission is ‘Smarter Energy for All’ under the umbrella of the Calisen Group. These initiatives underscore a commitment to environmental responsibility and accessibility in the burgeoning clean energy landscape.

Kim Ratcliffe, commented: 

“Plug Me In already has an impressive reputation and record of significant growth. Operating in such an essential sector and with such monumental potential, I’m excited to be part of its journey. The work it does to make clean energy more accessible and available at scale is essential, both for this generation and for the generations to come.”

Kim Ratcliffe’s appointment as Managing Director brings a wealth of leadership experience. She comes from her tenure at notable organisations including Vodafone, TalkTalk, and British Gas. Her previous roles, particularly her contributions to global expansion and operational transformation, demonstrate a track record of driving strategic change in dynamic environments.

In her new role, Ratcliffe is expected to collaborate closely with Plug Me In’s existing leadership team. She will further solidify the company’s position as an industry innovator. With a focus on fostering innovation and delivering sustainable solutions, she aims to propel Plug Me In towards its ambitious goal. The goal is achieving net zero emissions.

Sean Latus, CEO, Plug Me In, comments: 

“Plug Me In’s success story has never been just about numbers; it’s about pioneering innovative solutions that drive us towards our vision of a smarter, more sustainable future for all. With her incredible track record of innovation and expansion, Kim is the obvious choice for the Managing Director position. We’re lucky to have her, and I have no doubt that her transformative leadership will be intrinsic in Plug Me In’s future success.”

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