Planning Your Electric Vehicle Road Trip 

Embarking on an electric vehicle (EV) road trip has become a breeze, thanks to the ever-increasing network of chargers available worldwide. Range anxiety is finally taking a back seat.

Whether you’re heading on a holiday or taking a long drive, the world is at your fingertips with hundreds of thousands of charging stations. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to plan and enjoy your EV road trip to the fullest.

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Plan ahead

A well-thought-out route is the key to a successful EV road trip. 

Consider your vehicle’s efficiency and range, and plan stops where you can conveniently recharge your battery. Luckily enough, you have access to more EV route-planning tools than ever before.

Apps such as Zapmap have become familiar tools for many EV drivers, allowing you to find and the most convenient charging stations on your route. On top of that, we have access to even more sophisticated tools! Chargetrip’s Range Spider is a huge step in EV route planning. Just input your location, select your EV model, and get an estimated map showing how far your charge is likely to take you.

Ensure a full charge before you set off

Start your journey with a fully charged battery to maximise your driving time and minimise charging stops. A full battery not only gives you peace of mind but also reduces unnecessary delays on the road.

We recommend using off-peak EV tariffs to ensure you’re charged at the best of times. Not to mention, it’s the best bang for your buck! 

Off-peak tariffs, such as Ovo Energy’s, will only charge your EV when the energy is at its cheapest. That means you can leave your car plugged in all night, and wake up to a full battery without breaking the bank.

Look for hotels with EV chargers

If your road trip involves overnight stays, you’ll want a charge point in the car park!

Having access to a charge point at your hotel will make your trip far more convenient. You’ll find it increasingly uncommon to find a hotel without an EV charge point at least nearby, but it’s always worth checking before you book! 

Keep in mind that if you’re travelling further afield, you may stray across a charging network that you’re not familiar with. It’s unlikely to cause you a problem, but the fewer concerns the better. 

Always be charging (ABC)

As an EV driver, the mantra “Always Be Charging” (ABC) can come in handy. 

Everyone’s EV has its own charging time, capacity, and range. Even though you’ve already planned your EV road trip around your car’s capabilities, what’s the harm in a little extra charge?

EV charging stations are becoming increasingly common at park-and-ride services and train stations. Why not park outside the town or city and leave your car charging up while you enjoy your day? 

Enjoy the ride!

EVs are a showcase of sustainable transportation technology. A culmination of advancements that redefine driving comfort. 

Modern EVs boast a plethora of driving assists. These features include lane-keeping assist that corrects the vehicle’s course automatically when it drifts out of the lane. So, even if you get distracted or tired while driving, it keeps you on track. 

Plus, there are lane-departure warnings that alert you before you actually drift out of the lane, reducing the chances of accidents. Don’t forget about lane-change assist, which effortlessly helps you change lanes in busy traffic, making driving a breeze. 

These smart technologies not only prevent accidents caused by lane-drifting but also make driving a lot easier and safer. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

With the growing availability of charging stations and helpful planning tools, EV road trips are only getting more convenient. By following these essential tips, you should ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey as you explore the world with your electric vehicle. 

Happy road-tripping!

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