Peugeot offers widest range of EVs in Europe, with launch of the E-3008

  • Peugeot’s recent launch of the Peugeot E-3008 electric SUV means the brand now offers one of the largest portfolios of EVs of any mainstream manufacturer in Europe.
  • With models such as the E-208 city car, and the e-Rifter van, Peugeot now offers six specific electric cars and vans, which means that nearly all its current model range is available in electrified form.
  • That number is set to expand, with the recent reveal of the larger E-5008 electric SUV.

Peugeot EV range expands

Peugeot already has a strong roadmap in place for going fully electric. As of last year, each model has been available as a hybrid, and all of its models will be available in fully electric form by 2025. Then, by 2030, the company will only sell fully-electric cars for the European market. While current Peugeot EVs use the e-CMP platform, which still has to make accommodations for the option of petrol and diesel engines, future EVs from the manufacturer will eventually switch to Stellantis’ native STLA platform family. 

Peugeot also wants to keep a similarly sized portfolio of models available, compared to the ICE era, and keep true to its naming strategy of previous models for an air of similarity, helping convince more customers to switch to EV. Adding to this, the company recently launched an eight-year, 160,000km electric motor warranty, in addition to its battery warranty, to encourage consumer confidence. Despite these recent expansions, we’ve yet to see Peugeot’s premium 508 saloon reimagined as a fully-electric model, despite the popularity of potential rivals such as the Tesla Model 3. An unveiling of this could be just around the corner however, if Peugeot sticks to its 2025 target of all models being offered in fully-electric form.

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