Paua electric fuel card partners Fastned on World EV day 2021

On World EV Day 2021, Paua has announced that they have agreed to establish a partnership in the UK with Fastned. The partnership with market-leading electric vehicle (EV) charging expert Fastned is part of Paua’s electric fuel card solution making public electric car charging simpler for fleets.

Business drivers using the Paua electric fuel card solution will be able to access Fastned’s high power chargepoints both in the UK and across Europe. These stations are compatible with all brands of electric cars.

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The superfast chargers can add up to 186 miles (300km) of range in just 15 minutes. This injection of high power, combined with a larger chargepoint network, will enable fleets to expand well beyond their depots with increasing confidence.

Paua drivers will also have access to Europe’s most powerful electric vehicle charging hub in Oxford. The recently announced Fastned station at Energy Superhub Oxford, in partnership with Oxford City Council, Pivot Power, Tesla and Wenea, will start with 38 chargers and has the capacity to grow to deliver up to 10 megawatts of charging power.

This new deal is part of Fastned’s commitment to support easier payment for drivers across EV charging networks in the UK, which is a core part of Paua’s  Paua’s business model.

Under the arrangement, fleet drivers can use Paua’s mobile app to find, charge and pay at Fastned’s high power chargers across the UK. This will simplify the whole charging process for them.

Niall Riddell, Paua managing director, said: ”Fastned’s ethos and design to enable multiple high power chargers in locations across the country aligns with our desire to make EV charging easier. We are delighted to add Fastned and Europe’s most powerful EV charging hub to the Paua electric fuel card. “

Paua is a provider of business electric fuel cards. Drivers can use the mobile app to find, charge and pay. Bills are centralised to the fleet manager removing several problems often associated with public charging business vehicles.

Support from the Department for Transport has seen Paua develop the ability to enable ‘plug and chargefor all chargepoints which could become a market leading technology solution.

This new partnership reflects one of many collaborations that Paua has planned. They want to provide fleets with a smoother and more positive driver experience as they transition to electric across the UK and Europe.

Fastned owns and operates a network of over 150 EV charging stations across Europe and the UK. Its power sources are 100 percent renewable from electricity generated solely by wind and solar. This includes solar panels installed on the Fastned charging station canopies.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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