Oxford’s all-new free EV event

  • Oxford City Council addresses emobility adoption concerns with a free EV event.
  • Impressive surge in electric vehicle registrations in Oxfordshire: 44.22% of new vehicles were electric in March 2023.
  • EVs are for EVeryone event offers a chance to learn about EVs, test drive models, and explore ownership options.

Oxford City Council Promotes Electric Vehicle Adoption with EVs are for EVeryone Event

Oxford City Council is taking steps to address concerns surrounding electric vehicle (EV) adoption among residents and businesses in the area. 

To combat fears surrounding range anxiety, charging infrastructure, and upfront costs, the council is inviting individuals to attend the EVs are for EVeryone event on Saturday, May 27. The event will be held at Redbridge Park and Ride in Oxford from 10 am to 3:30 pm.

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According to data from the DVLA, Oxfordshire witnessed an impressive surge in electric vehicle registrations in March 2023. A remarkable 44.22% of newly registered vehicles were electric. This figure represents the highest uptake of EVs across the entire UK.

The free event aims to create a relaxed atmosphere for residents and businesses to learn about EVs and electric vans. Attendees can test drive affordable models, receive tips from experts, and explore ownership options like car clubs and leasing. Exhibitors include EV car shop, BMW North Oxford, Go Green Autos, and more.

Visitors will also gain insights into the region’s EV charging plans and infrastructure. They can provide feedback on preferred locations for on-street chargers in Oxford. 

The venue, Redbridge Park & Ride, is Europe’s most powerful EV hub. The site enables charging for up to 42 vehicles through Fastned, a Zap-Pay partner.

The location is also part of a countywide trial for an electric car club vehicle. This initiative aims to provide an affordable and convenient experience of driving an electric vehicle without a long-term commitment.

The council aims to promote EV adoption, dispel concerns, and educate the community on the benefits of sustainable transportation. Oxfordshire’s leading EV uptake sets an example for a greener future.

“I’d really encourage anyone who likes the idea of driving electric to come along and get behind the wheel of some of the more affordable electric cars and vans on offer, and find out how things like leasing, car clubs and different types of EV chargers can work for them.”

Jenny Figueiredo, Oxfordshire County Council’s EV Charging Project Manager

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