ÖVW, PAYUCA and VERBUND collaborate for Austria’s largest residential EV charging rollout

  • ÖVW partners with PAYUCA and VERBUND for Austria’s largest residential EV charging network rollout.
  • 240 charging points in garages cater to surging demand amid electric vehicle popularity.
  • Affordability, sustainability, and proactive adaptation define ÖVW’s commitment to modern residential infrastructure.

Major Austrian partnership joins forces over the country’s largest residential EV charging initiative 

Österreichisches Volkswohnungswerk (ÖVW) has partnered with PAYUCA and VERBUND to launch the largest EV charging network in residential properties in Austria. The initiative aims to meet the escalating demand for accessible charging infrastructure.

The first phase of this ambitious project will see the installation of 240 charging points in garage parking spaces.

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Gerald Ebner, ÖVW’s Managing Director, commented:

‘A modern, digitalised and electrified garage is becoming the focus of our interest due to the mobility transition, as we have to deal with increasing requests for e-charging infrastructure.’

Crucially, affordability and convenience lie at the heart of this initiative. Martin Wagner, VERBUND Energy4Business’s Managing Director, emphasised the importance of integration.

Wagner stated:

‘We offer a quick, cost-effective entry into the mobility transition. For housing companies, this means minimal investment costs and maximum convenience.

Together with our partner PAYUCA, we offer a holistic solution from the planning process to commissioning and maintenance. For housing companies with a large number of buildings, a structured, resource-saving approach is essential for the efficient implementation of e- charging infrastructure. Thanks to the close cooperation between PAYUCA and VERBUND, housing companies benefit from a fast and scalable solution that fulfils both current and future requirements.’

The subscription-based VERBUND Immo-Charging model further enhances accessibility. The charging stations are powered by 100% hydropower at affordable rates. Tenants enjoy the flexibility of monthly cancellations. Meanwhile, those with corporate EVs can streamline cost settlements with their employers.

Verbund quotes studies revealing a burgeoning demand for charging infrastructure among long-term parkers. This collaboration has foreseen that properties without EV charging infrastructure may soon lag in market appeal.

For ÖVW, this initiative epitomises its dual commitment: delivering affordable housing while embracing modern infrastructure trends. Charging infrastructure is no longer a luxury but a necessity. 

With the backing of partners like PAYUCA and VERBUND, the vision of widespread EV charging inches closer to reality. We’ve seen buildings in major cities decarbonising and embracing EV infrastructure to stay ahead of the curve. Now, this partnership is pushing accessible, future-proof, EV-friendly buildings across Austria. 

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