Over 90% of EV drivers are satisfied with their vehicles, according to Tusker Survey

  • Tusker’s Salary Sacrifice Report reveals over 90% satisfaction among EV drivers.
  • Affordability and driving experience drive the shift to electric vehicles.
  • Despite satisfaction, 62% of drivers desire improvements in the public charging infrastructure.

Tusker’s Salary Sacrifice Report shows astonishingly high satisfaction rates among EV drivers

EV drivers are singing the praises of their eco-friendly rides. Over 90% expressed high satisfaction, according to Tusker’s recent Salary Sacrifice Report.

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In a nationwide survey encompassing more than 5,000 participants, including 1,549 Tusker EV drivers, 92% of the EV enthusiasts reported contentment with their driving experiences. A remarkable 81% declared that their EVs provided a superior driving experience compared to their previous gas-guzzlers. Salary sacrifice programs emerged as a driving force behind this shift, with affordability and potential savings topping the list of reasons for choosing EVs.

Paul Gilshan, the CEO of Tusker, commented:

“It’s great to see first-hand that drivers continue to embrace EVs as the future of motoring. With more and more drivers realising the advantage of doing so via a salary sacrifice car benefit scheme, Tusker continues to see its order book grow while tailpipe emissions fall. We will continue to build on this momentum, and encourage more motorists into new, affordable, and zero emission cars via our schemes, to deliver value and sustainability to employees across the UK.”

The report also revealed that 85% of respondents found driving their EVs more enjoyable than their conventional vehicles. An impressive 81% considered their EV’s range sufficient for their needs. 

Even as weekly mileage for EVs increased to 100-200 miles, drivers remained unwavering in their confidence in EVs. Approximately 82% of EV owners only needed to charge their vehicles once a week to meet their driving demands.

Quentin Willson, founder of FairCharge, stated: 

“Contrary to what some newspapers tell us, Tusker’s real-life driver data shows a 90% satisfaction with EVs. Both battery range and the frequency of charging just don’t appear to be issues for normal EV drivers – something we’re not hearing from the media. This is a large, statistically relevant survey that also shows that 81% of Tusker’s drivers say that the EV driving experience is better than their previous petrol or diesel car. Critically, Tusker’s EV drivers aren’t in the top tax band, instead, they are average income, salary sacrifice users who clearly enjoy life with an electric car; again proving how EVs are becoming more affordable.”

While EV satisfaction rates soared, the survey did uncover a potential hurdle—62% of drivers believed that an improved public charging infrastructure would enhance their EV experience. Thankfully, public charging infrastructure is doing nothing but improve, and at a remarkable rate. 

Nevertheless, the results underscored that zero-emission motoring is rapidly gaining mainstream acceptance. More than half of non-EV drivers are contemplating going electric for their next vehicle.

Tusker’s report paints a positive picture of the EV landscape. High satisfaction rates among drivers and a growing desire to make the electric switch, driven by affordability and superior driving experiences. The EV transition is gaining momentum, and acceptance, among the majority of everyday drivers.

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