Otonomo releases new fleet management features and partnership with Electric Zoo

Today, mobility intelligence company Otonomo announced new functionalities in its Smart Mobility Data Platform. These are designed to provide electric vehicle (EV) fleet managers with a breadth of insights and data visualisation capabilities to easily and efficiently manage fleets of all sizes. 

New Maintenance and Mileage Dashboards

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In the Mileage dashboard, fleet managers can track service milestones and overall mileage. Plus, distances travelled by vehicle or by fleet to track trends and spot usage anomalies. 

The Maintenance dashboard provides near-real-time updates on key vehicle metrics such as electric vehicle charge levels, fuel and oil levels, brake wear, tire pressure and engine temperature. This ensures the highest levels of safety for drivers and vehicles.

Electric Zoo uses Otonomo to Accelerate Growth

Otonomo also announced how Electric Zoo, a UK-based pay-as-you-go electric car subscription service started by Lash Saranna and Charnjit Saranna, is using Otonomo to manage its fleet. Electric Zoo were recently at the hugely successful EV Live at Blenheim Palace to deliver the low down on leasing

With access to accurate mileage data, Electric Zoo is now able to improve operations and explore new business opportunities and subscription models. These include implementing flex-pay options and offering low mileage discounts. 

Using Otonomo’s near-real-time GPS data, Electric Zoo can track the location of their vehicles, how many miles each vehicle is being driven, and the distances travelled by individual vehicles or by fleet.

Ben Volkow, Otonomo CEO and co-founder, said: “Our fleet customers, like Electric Zoo, now have the power in their hands to manage their fleets easily, regardless of size and without any hardware requirements, which is a distinct benefit.”

Electric Zoo at EV Live at Bleheim Palace

Lash Saranna, Electric Zoo CEO and founder, said: “As car ownership changes and fuel prices continue to rise, electric vehicles are the way forward to a more sustainable future. Since founding Electric Zoo, our goal has been to bring awareness and education around the switch from combustion to electric vehicles.

“We chose Otonomo because, as our fleet continues to grow, we need a partner that can help us scale. The data and insights from Otonomo are directly and positively impacting the future of our company. Additionally, Otonomo’s data privacy and data storage policies ensure the data we’re receiving from our fleet is compliant and ready to be used securely.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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