Osprey Charging launches new EV hub with 180 kW chargers near the M25

Osprey Charging, a leading UK electric vehicle (EV) charging network, has launched a new ultra-rapid charging hub at The Halfway House in Essex, UK. Just five minutes from the M25 motorway, this hub aims to provide more ultra-fast charging for UK EV drivers.

With six high-powered chargers, the hub can deliver up to 180kW of power. That means it’s compatible with all EV models on the market. These cutting-edge chargers can add about 100 miles of range in just 15-20 minutes. The innovative load-balancing technology ensures that multiple vehicles can charge simultaneously without compromising on the charging speed.

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Independent inspectors from ChargeSafe have commended the safety and accessibility of the Halfway House charging hub. Each bay features canopies, overhead lighting, and ample space, contributing to the positive evaluation. Those additions make this one of the most driver-friendly hubs we’ve seen.

Drivers can use a multitude of apps and cards to pay for their charging in an effort to break the barriers between different payment options. This is often cited as a concern and over-complication by EV drivers.  

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, said:

“Our new ultra-rapid charging hub in Essex is a major addition to the UK’s EV charging infrastructure at an important location for locals, commuters and through traffic, right next to the M25. Our team has maximised the opportunity the site affords to build a safe and accessible charging hub with bespoke canopies, which is both distinctive and practical for drivers.”

These rapid hubs are integral to the UK’s plans to phase out ICE vehicles from 2030. The future-proofing of our charging hubs is just as important as the vehicles themselves. Ensuring that each hub is safe, accessible, and convenient is an important start towards making lasting, sustainable charging infrastructure.

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