Oomph Introduces POWERSTREAM: The innovative mobile rapid EV charger

  • Oomph’s POWERSTREAM transforms EV charging with integrated efficiency and swift recharge capabilities.
  • Plug-and-play deployment addresses industry challenges for flexible, user-friendly operation.
  • Oomph aims for innovation, committing to quality with a UK-based manufacturing route for POWERSTREAM.

Oomph’s POWERSTREAM mobile rapid EV charger bridges gaps in the charging network

Oomph has unveiled POWERSTREAM, a mobile rapid DC charger designed to reshape the landscape of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. This innovative solution merges a battery energy storage device with a rapid EV charging station. The groundbreaking creation presents a promising shift in the industry.

The POWERSTREAM boasts a 30kWh onboard energy capacity and the ability to deliver 30kW DC via CCS. It seamlessly blends battery storage and charging functionalities. The swift recharge capability operates on a DC in – DC out system, ensuring a rapid recharge that matches the pace at which it delivers a charge to EVs. 

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Safety takes centre stage, as Oomph ensures continuous monitoring of the enclosed batteries to maintain optimal performance. The plug-and-play deployment of POWERSTREAM emerges as a solution to address gaps in fixed charger infrastructure. This is particularly prevalent for LCV fleets and the automotive retail sector.

POWERSTREAM will bring convenience and flexibility to EV charging. It serves as an immediate and adaptable alternative for those grappling with extended installation periods, soaring utility costs, and disruptive site implications.

Marc Ottolini, Oomph CEO, commented:

“The driving experience with an EV is exhilarating until it’s time to recharge the batteries. Unless you are lucky to have your own driveway and your own wall charger, you depend on public charging stations. Many businesses cannot afford to spend working hours on recharging batteries. Mobile rapid chargers solve that problem. We see mobile rapid chargers and fixed chargers as complementary parts of the EV infrastructure. In a sector that is experiencing rapid growth and change, we believe it is vital that solutions exist that can be implemented quickly, with low risk and without breaking the bank.”

POWERSTREAM’s operation is designed for user ease, featuring an intuitive control panel and adaptable orientations. The product boasts a swift deployment timeline, requiring minimal setup – users can simply unpack, power up, and commence charging.

Oomph is establishing a UK-based manufacturing route for POWERSTREAM. The company aspires to position itself as a leading innovator in the EV charging sector, tackling infrastructure challenges with mobile chargers and cloud-connected batteries.

Morag Hutcheon, Oomph founder stated: 

“I am incredibly proud of what Oomph has achieved to date and excited that we are now ready to launch POWERSTREAM. Our mission has always been to improve the EV charging customer experience and following a very thorough product development process and intensive market research, the output of our hard work is plain to see. POWERSTREAM is now ready for the users to experience firsthand.”

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