Ohme team up with Polestar to provide smart EV charging in Ireland

  • Polestar partners with Ohme to revolutionize EV charging solutions in Ireland.
  • Ohme’s dynamic smart chargers offer cost-effective and efficient charging options.
  • The collaboration creates a comprehensive EV ecosystem, marrying luxury EVs with smart charging technology.

Polestar & Ohme: A dynamic duo for EV charging advancement in Ireland

This strategic partnership brings together Polestar’s cutting-edge EVs and Ohme’s dynamic smart charging technology. The pair will offer Irish drivers a seamless and cost-effective charging solution.

Ohme, a dynamic smart charging company with bases in Cork and London, has made waves in the EV charging industry. Their unique software allows chargers to automatically adjust charging times, optimizing them for lower electricity rates during off-peak hours. This innovation translates to significant savings for EV owners.

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“We are delighted to be working with Ohme as our recommended home charger supplier for our Irish owners. 

Ohme’s award-winning smart chargers and excellent approach towards customer service and professionalism align with Polestar’s core values and culture. This collaboration means that we can provide customers with a significant cost saving and a whole EV offering – both a Polestar performance electric vehicle and a charging solution to match.”

Jonathan Goodman, Head of Polestar UK & Ireland. 

Charging a Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor 78kWh battery using an Ohme smart charger on an off-peak tariff is a game-changer in terms of cost efficiency. It can cost as little as €216.60 to cover 10,000 kilometres in a year. That’s nothing compared to the €700.15 price tag on the Standard Tariff.

Ohme’s recent accolades reinforce their expertise in the field. They were the Fast Track Company of the Year in the 2023 Green Business Awards and recognized as the Best Electric Charging Point Provider by Business Motoring.

Polestar’s partnership with Ohme in Ireland signals a significant step forward in the world of EVs. It combines Polestar’s luxury EVs with Ohme’s smart charging prowess. The result is presenting Irish drivers an opportunity to enjoy both performance and cost savings. With Ohme’s innovative technology, EV ownership has become more accessible and environmentally friendly. 

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