Ohme joins forces with Travis Perkins: Providing smart charging for the UK’s largest builders’ merchants 

  • Ohme collaborates with Travis Perkins for smart charging at the UK’s largest builders’ merchants.
  • Travis Perkins to introduce Ohme chargers, providing industry professionals access to cutting-edge charging technology.
  • Ohme’s chargers integrated into Travis Perkins’ WholeHouse platform, contributing to decarbonisation efforts in the construction industry.

Ohme secures new charging partnership with Travis Perkins, expanding the scope of its emobility interests

Travis Perkins, the UK’s largest builders’ merchant, will introduce Ohme chargers at selected branches and online. The collaboration will provide industry professionals access to cutting-edge chargers. 

Alice Wise, Head of Category at Travis Perkins, expressed enthusiasm:

“We are delighted to be working with Ohme as our first home EV charger supplier. Ohme’s award-winning chargers and reputation for excellent customer service meant it was the perfect choice to offer to Travis Perkins customers and it means they can make more sustainable choices.

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Ohme’s chargers will also be part of our new WholeHouse platform to help our customers plan and design their next project. With demand for home EV chargers growing, Ohme’s dynamic charging capability means that EV drivers will have easy access to lower running costs with the numerous smart tariffs on offer to them.”

The integration of Ohme’s chargers into Travis Perkins’ WholeHouse platform will streamline project planning and design. Ohme has made a considerable impact on the emobility sector. Last year, the company signed on to be Polestar’s official UK charging partner. This only adds to their portfolio which already includes Audi UK and the Waylands Group.

Ohme’s smart chargers synchronise with the national grid, adapting to real-time data and optimising charging with off-peak tariffs. This feature will offer tangible cost savings for fleet operators.

As a key player in the construction industry, Travis Perkins has its finger on the pulse. The company is committed to modernising construction by sourcing materials and operating sustainably. By extension, Travis Perkins has over 1,000 apprentices in over 40 schemes, all geared towards upskilling the next generation of construction professionals. Construction is a key area for decarbonisation, and programmes like this, with a commitment to emobility, are essential to turning the tide.

The collaboration with Travis Perkins emerges as a pivotal move. It underscores Ohme’s role in advancing equitable, accessible sustainable practices. In doing so, it pushes the construction industry one step closer to its decarbonisation aims. 

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