Ohme is slashing costs for UK EV drivers

  • Starting October 1st, UK EV drivers enjoy reduced home electricity tariffs via Ohme.
  • Ohme’s unique chargers work with Octopus Intelligent and OVO Charge Anytime for smart savings.
  • By switching to smart EV tariffs, drivers gain control and reduce charging costs significantly.

Ohme to offer dynamic smart charging and reduced tariffs from October 1st

Starting October 1st, electric vehicle (EV) drivers in the UK will benefit from reduced home electricity tariffs. This initiative is thanks to Ohme, a leading dynamic smart charging company in the UK.

The Standard Variable Tariff for domestic electricity is due to drop to 28p/kWh. This reduction marks its lowest level in a year, providing immediate cost relief for EV drivers.

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Ohme distinguishes itself as the sole charger provider working seamlessly with both Octopus Intelligent and OVO Charge Anytime. This compatibility empowers EV drivers to take full advantage of smart EV tariffs.

By making the switch to these intelligent tariffs EV owners can further slash their charging expenses. Ohme’s unique charger technology, combined with smart EV tariffs, empowers drivers to exercise greater control over their charging and realize more substantial financial benefits.

The average UK driver covers approximately 6,800 miles per year. Under the Octopus Intelligent tariff at 7.5p/kWh, the annual cost of charging an EV for that mileage totals just £127.50. Contrast that with the new Standard Variable Tariff of 28p/kWh, and the same journey would set you back £476. In a petrol car covering equivalent mileage, the cost would exceed £1110.

How is the Smart Charger so smart?

What sets Ohme apart is its smart chargers’ real-time connection to the national grid. This feature allows for automatic adjustments in response to low-price charging opportunities. Ohme also offers drivers the option to charge their EVs when renewable energy generation on the National Grid is at its peak, further reducing their carbon footprint.

Ohme’s accolades, including the title of Best Electric Charging Point Provider and the recent recognition as Fast Track Company of the Year at the 2023 Green Business Awards, underscore their commitment to advancing EV technology and affordability. It’ll be exciting to see whether Ohme’s October offer pushes EV sales even higher.

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