Octopus Energy expands its EV roaming Electroverse service with InstaVolt

  • Octopus Energy’s Electroverse expands by partnering with InstaVolt for streamlined EV charging.
  • InstaVolt, the UK’s largest ultra-rapid charging network, offers 1,300+ charge points at popular locations.
  • This collaboration supports the growing EV adoption trend in the UK and aims to enhance the charging experience.

The Octopus Electroverse becomes even more extensive with the inclusion of InstaVolt

Octopus Energy has expanded its cutting-edge EV roaming service, Octopus Electroverse, by welcoming InstaVolt onto its platform. This move aims to simplify and enhance the charging experience for EV drivers.

Octopus Electroverse is known for its seamless approach to EV charging. It grants users access to a vast network of over 500,000 public charge points worldwide with just a single tap. It serves a quarter of all EV drivers in the UK, making it the nation’s most extensive public charging service.

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Now, with InstaVolt’s inclusion, Electroverse users gain access to an even more diverse array of charging options. InstaVolt is the UK’s largest ultra-rapid public charging network. It boasts an impressive 1,300+ ultra-rapid and rapid charge points spread across 550+ locations throughout the UK.

What sets InstaVolt apart is its ultra-rapid charging capability. The ports are capable of charging an average EV from 20% to 80% in an astonishingly brief 15 to 20 minutes. These charge points are strategically located at popular destinations such as Costa Coffee, McDonald’s, Booths Supermarkets, and Bannatyne Health Clubs.

InstaVolt’s reputation for reliability further enhances the appeal of this partnership. With an industry-leading availability rate of 99.9%, InstaVolt has garnered trust among EV users. The network is also gearing up for international expansion, with plans to establish a presence in Iceland and future ambitions to enter Spain, Portugal, and Ireland.

This collaboration arrives amid a remarkable surge in electric vehicle adoption in the UK. In August, EVs captured a record 20% share of new car registrations, underlining the increasing momentum towards a greener automotive landscape.

Matt Davies, Director at Octopus Electroverse, commented: 

“As more drivers switch to electric, we’re making charging on-the-go as slick as possible. We already have over 580 charge point operators on Octopus Electroverse and we’re incredibly excited to welcome InstaVolt on board. Their award-winning ultra-rapid and rapid charge points are a brilliant addition for drivers to access on Electroverse as we accelerate the drive toward a green energy system.”

Electroverse offers an array of embedded features to enhance the charging experience further. These include an interactive global map displaying charger availability, a route-planning tool, in-car support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Plug and Charge compatibility, and more.

Adrian Keen, CEO at InstaVolt, said: 

“Record numbers of UK drivers are deciding to make the switch to EVs, and as a business we are committed to improving the charging experience for customers with plans to install 10,000 chargers by 2030. Our partnership with Octopus Electroverse is yet another important step towards decarbonising the UK’s roads and provides more options for EV drivers needing to charge. The Electroverse tech is industry leading, and the interactivity creates a seamless experience for users. 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for InstaVolt, and this collaboration is yet another fantastic opportunity to build our offering for our customers.”

The Octopus Electroverse is accessible from both the App Store and Google Play. Check out their expanded services today.

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