Octopus Energy and AeroVolt partner up to propel electric plane charging

  • Octopus Energy and AeroVolt collaborate for seamless electric plane charging.
  • Pilots use Octopus Electroverse card at AeroVolt’s airside chargers.
  • The partnership aligns with Octopus Energy’s commitment to advancing all forms of emobility.

Octopus Energy and AeroVolt work on seamless electric plane charging

Octopus Energy and AeroVolt have teamed up to streamline the charging process for electric planes, marking a significant leap toward a greener aviation future. The partnership allows pilots to charge their electric aircraft with a simple tap of an Octopus Electroverse card at AeroVolt’s airside chargers.

Octopus Electroverse, renowned for its award-winning electric vehicle (EV) charging platform, will integrate seamlessly with AeroVolt, the world’s first-ever aircraft charging network. This innovative move not only simplifies the charging experience for electric planes but also aligns with Octopus Energy’s broader mission to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric transport.

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Electric planes, particularly those designed for short flights, have been gaining attention in the global race for decarbonisation. The partnership with AeroVolt comes at a time when studies emphasise the environmental advantages of such aircraft. AeroVolt has recently partnered with The Snowdonia Aerospace Centre to further test its electric aircraft.

Guy Haydon, Chief Commercial Officer at AeroVolt, said:

“As the world’s first aircraft charging network, AeroVolt is on a mission to transform the future of flight with our simple and easy-to-use network of rapid chargers across prime airfield locations. This exciting partnership with Octopus will both bring AeroVolt’s car chargers into the Electroverse and deliver a market-leading aircraft charging experience to electric pilots. True interoperability, charging both your wheels and your wings.”

Aerovolt has already installed charge points at seven locations across the UK. These airports are found in Bournemouth, Lydd, Dunkeswell, and Shoreham, with plans for an additional 12 sites soon. Talks are underway with nearly 70 more airports eager to incorporate AeroVolt’s chargers.

For Octopus Energy, known as the UK’s largest EV-only leasing business, this collaboration is part of a broader decarbonisation effort. Octopus Electric Vehicles division has pioneered smart tariffs for EVs, managing a significant load through its Intelligent Octopus Go tariff. Additionally, the company recently introduced the UK’s first mass-market vehicle-to-grid tariff, the Octopus Power Pack, providing free home charging for drivers.

Zoisa North-Bond, Octopus Energy for Business CEO, said: 

“Octopus is at the forefront of the transition to green transport. It’s incredible to think our skies are cleaner with each new electric plane, and we’re thrilled to make the journey easier for pilots, extending our seamless charging experience for electric cars to electric aircrafts. With just a tap of their Electroverse card, pilots can plug in and power up. This is the start of an exciting transition as we’re set to supercharge the take-off of e-mobility.”

As testing ramps up, it seems commercial electric aviation is on the horizon. At least, on a small scale. Collaborations and projects such as this one are integral to our understanding of sustainable flight. 

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