Norway leads in EV, once again: this time in trucks

  • Norway gears up for a greener road ahead. From 2030, it’s aiming for 100% zero-emission trucks, aligning with its commitment to phase out combustion engines.
  • Parliament ups the ante, pushing for all new trucks to go emission-free or biogas by 2030, surpassing the initial aim of just 50%.
  • Parliament set to boost Enova’s budget by 285 million kroner (24.2 million Euros) to fuel the transition, increasing the share of new electric trucks to 20% by 2024.

Norway’s green drive: parliament pushes for 100% zero-emission truck takeover by 2030, supercharging Enova’s budget to electrify roads

In a forward-looking initiative, Norway is easing off the gas on conventional truck engines. Starting from 2030, new trucks in the country are set to exclusively sport electric or biogas drives. Following their 2025 benchmark for combustion cars, the Norwegian parliament has given the nod to this measured shift, signalling a gradual transition away from traditional truck engines. 

The previous goal, outlined in the National Transport Plan, aimed for 50% of new trucks to be emission-free by 2030. But the Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency has argued that this target is outdated and is suggesting a more ambitious stance. The parliament is now urging the government to elevate its goals, prompting a revision of the target. The call is for the government to devise a comprehensive package of measures to effectively realise the new, heightened goal.

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Unlike the EU’s 45% CO2 reduction target for road transport by 2030, Norway is accelerating into the future. It has set a 2030 deadline to halt the sale of new internal combustion engine trucks, showcasing its proactive approach and past success in EV adoption, even as incentives evolve.

The Norwegian parliament emphasised:

“It must be ensured that the funding programs offer good predictability for companies.”

In the ongoing negotiations, Members of Parliament have taken a decisive step by approving a 285 million kroner (approximately 24.4 million euros) increase in the budget for the Norwegian business development agency Enova, specifically designated for zero-emission trucks. With this financial boost, the immediate objective is to elevate the percentage of new heavy trucks with electric propulsion from the current 10% to a more ambitious 20% by 2024. This move reflects a commitment to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in the heavy truck sector, contributing to Norway’s broader sustainability goals.

As Norway propels itself toward a greener horizon, the Norwegian parliament’s emphasis on ensuring predictability for companies underscores the commitment to a smooth transition. The parliamentary support will not only reflect a financial commitment, but also a collective dedication to advancing sustainable practices in the transportation sector. With a firm 2030 deadline for the sale of new internal combustion engine trucks, Norway stands as a trailblazer in prioritizing environmental goals and embracing the electric future.

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