Nissan’s Groundbreaking evolvAD Project: Pioneering Autonomous Driving Innovation

  • evolvAD: A UK Government-backed autonomous driving research project led by Nissan.
  • Focus on enhancing autonomous drive capabilities, testing on diverse terrains, and V2I technology.
  • Aligns with Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision for cleaner, safer, and more inclusive mobility.

Nissan’s collaborates to propel autonomous driving technology in the UK

Nissan, in collaboration with the UK Government, has embarked on a pioneering venture known as evolvAD. The evolvAD project is a groundbreaking autonomous driving research project that promises to reshape the landscape of transportation. 

Nissan are taking the reins as the technical leader, following on from their award-winning efforts in the autonomous vehicle world. This initiative will bolster the capabilities of autonomous vehicles and ensure their readiness for widespread adoption.

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At its core, evolvAD aspires to elevate autonomous driving technology to new heights. Over the course of 21 months, this endeavour will test Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) on an array of terrains. That includes bustling urban neighbourhoods and intricate rural roads, each presenting its own set of unique challenges.

Crucially, this dynamic research project is not a solitary effort. A formidable consortium of five partners, spearheaded by Nissan, has pooled resources to drive innovation forward. Funding from the UK government’s Intelligent Mobility fund ensures that this venture remains robustly supported.

The scope of evolvAD extends beyond merely testing on the open road. The project will delve into the realm of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technologies, to enhance CAV performance and pioneer fresh V2I advancements. 

This journey commenced in July 2023, with the utilization of 100% electric Nissan LEAFs as the testing vehicles of choice. Initially, the trials unfolded in simulated environments and on private test tracks, setting the stage for real-world implementation.

Furthermore, evolvAD aligns seamlessly with Nissan’s grand vision for the future, aptly named Nissan Ambition 2030. This vision encompasses a future characterized by clean, safe, and inclusive mobility solutions. The evolvAD project serves as a critical stepping stone towards its realization.

The significance of this endeavor is underscored by the active involvement of NTCE (Nissan Technical Centre Europe) in Cranfield, UK. NTCE’s dedication and expertise are instrumental in propelling evolvAD towards its lofty goals.

As autonomous vehicle technology advances, so do advanced safety features and energy-saving driver assists that are commonplace in modern EVs. Emobility encompasses a broad spectrum of technologies. Nissan’s decision to pursue autonomous driving is helping to advance the sector for all.

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